BitNinja 2023: Statistics of Success and Innovation in Cybersecurity

As we reflect on 2023, BitNinja has not only met but surpassed many of our ambitious goals. Marking a year of significant growth and impactful achievements in cybersecurity. Here are some noteworthy statistics and accomplishments from our 2023 performance.

2023 in Numbers: Surpassing Our Goals

Incidents Managed

Throughout the year, we handled an impressive range of 98 million to 250 million incidents monthly. Last month alone, we managed 119 million incidents, demonstrating our system's scalability and reliability in the face of ever-growing threats.

False Positive Rate

We maintained a consistently low false positive rate, between 0.01% and 0.05% throughout the year. This precision reflects our commitment to accurately identifying and mitigating threats and minimizing user disruptions.

Malware Catches

Our remodeled, AI-powered malware scanner proved highly effective, with a historical peak of nearly 42.8 million catches in November 2023. This represents a significant increase in our ability to detect and neutralize threats, keeping our users' digital environments secure.

Blocklist Signatures

In addition to our accomplishments, we've significantly expanded our security measures with new blocklist signatures. In December 2023 alone, we added 7,467 new signatures to our global blocklist. This expansion plays a crucial role in our proactive stance against emerging threats, further enhancing our system's ability to identify and block malicious activities swiftly and effectively.

Global Reach and Infected Servers

Our Defense Network's global reach is now more extensive than ever, with a significant presence in countries like Italy, Australia, and the United States. Despite the increase in protected servers, the percentage of infected active servers remained managed, peaking at 73.15% in April, indicating our effectiveness in curbing the spread of infections.

Celebrating 2023's Milestones and Innovations

Strategic Partnerships and Events

Our participation in events like Cloudfest Europe 2023 and the formation of strategic partnerships with industry leaders have significantly expanded our capabilities and reach. We've formed alliances with industry giants like 360 Monitoring, Enhance, MagicSpam, JetBackup, and GridPane, amongst many others. These collaborations have allowed us to integrate our services more deeply and offer a more comprehensive defense mechanism to our users.

User-Friendly Approach - Cloud Config and Malware UX Update

Cloud Configuration is a major leap in simplifying server management. This new feature allows users to easily modify server settings directly from the dashboard, replacing the need for Ansible. It's designed to make managing server settings more efficient and user-friendly, aiming to enhance the overall experience with our platform​.

Speaking about the user-friendly platform, we updated the malware scanner dashboard, enhancing user experience significantly. The redesign includes customizable time frames on charts, improved chart design, and new additions like 'Most Infected Servers' and 'Most Infected Users.' An accessible infected files section, smart refresh features, and a consistent timezone setting further streamline the experience.

Threat Management Achievements

Our dedicated threat management teams have developed numerous WAF rules for WordPress and other CMSs, significantly bolstering defenses against vulnerabilities and reinfections. They've reported a 30% increase in Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules, with a 50% reduction in the WAF false positive rate to 0.1%. Their blocklist signatures have increased from 59k to 104k, with nearly zero false positive signatures. Additionally, they've halved the number of infected servers, enhanced outbound spam detection, improved log analysis capabilities, and introduced honeypotifiers for added protection. The continuous improvement of our threat detection and management processes has been pivotal in our efforts to provide state-of-the-art security.

AI-Powered Spam and Malware Detection

We introduced the AI-powered Outbound Spam Detection, a critical new feature for server security integrated into all our paid plans. Scanning over 160 million emails since its launch, with 4.5 to 4.7 million per week in recent times, it targets outgoing spam from platforms like WordPress, safeguarding server reputations from blocklisting and maintaining the integrity of email communications. Advanced algorithms analyze each outgoing message, while the comprehensive dashboard offers sysadmins critical insights, including a percentage of potential spam. This effort helps over 40,000 servers and shows our strong dedication to fighting spam, with plans to integrate more servers and Postfix logs.

To expand accessible and free protection, we have introduced Free Anti-Malware powered by advanced AI technology. It's a significant stride in making the internet safer, designed to detect malware in popular website technologies like WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal. Despite some limitations, it's a potent tool, scanning up to 20,000 files daily.

We use AI technology not just for our free scanner and spam detection but also to combat generative malware with the Komondor supercomputer's 6 petaflops of power. Analyzing 8 million files daily, our system has become 3x faster and more memory-efficient, ensuring that our defenses not only adapt to AI-generated threats but do so with greater speed and fewer resources, maintaining robust and evolving security.

Comprehensive Protection for All

The SiteProtection Module is now included in every package for free. Tailored to meet the demand for site-level security, it integrates advanced protection seamlessly, fostering trust between hosting providers and clients. This proactive solution scans websites for vulnerabilities, preserving the online reputation and credibility of clients' digital assets. As part of our Defense Network, now it's offered free, showcasing our commitment to comprehensive security.

Our AI-powered malware scanner is not just for Linux users but for Windows as well, offering top-tier IP filtering and protection against unique threats targeting platforms like WordPress. It provides blazing-fast, comprehensive, AI-powered scans and compatibility with Windows Defender. As we continuously refine our offerings based on user feedback, we're excited to announce plans to introduce more advanced solutions for Windows in 2024, including a Web Application Firewall (WAF), enhancing our commitment to accessible and robust security across operating systems.

Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond

The year 2024 holds immense promise. With the rise of AI-generated malware and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, we're more committed than ever to staying ahead of the curve. Our plans for 2024 include enhancing our AI-powered tools, launching WAF 3.0, and introducing an in-house file patcher solution. Stay tuned for a detailed blog post in early January, where we'll share a more comprehensive outline of our strategies and initiatives for a safer digital future.

A Unified Force Against Cyber Threats

The achievements of 2023 reflect the strength of our community and the effectiveness of our solutions. With every incident managed and threat neutralized, we move closer to our goal of creating a safer digital space for all. Your trust and collaboration have been invaluable in this journey, and we look forward to continuing our mission together.

Here's to a secure, innovative, and prosperous 2024!

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