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The Key to Safe Web Applications

Uncover the benefits of activating a Web Application Firewall module
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Easy to manage
The WAF simplifies the process of managing firewall settings by providing a centralized location for configuration. This feature allows to easily adjust the filter level for each individual domain, making it a convenient solution for managing shared servers.
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The WAF proactively addresses the latest security threats by continuously updating with new rules to patch different types of zero-day vulnerabilities in CMS. Plus, the pre-defined ruleset ensures a low rate of false positives, providing a reliable and accurate protection.
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The WAF effectively blocks website cyberattacks by filtering all incoming web requests and automatically rejecting any suspicious activity. This proactive approach ensures a high level of security.
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Customizable WAF
With the ability to set different levels of strictness and filtration for each individual domain, the WAF's domain-based pattern feature allows for a tailored and specific level of security for each website or domain hosted on your server.
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Load reduction
The SSL Terminating module effortlessly offloads HTTPS connections, reducing the load on the backend server without the need for any prior setup.
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"The whole platform is feature-rich,especially with the WAF module. It has everything that a web hosting company or sysadmin"
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Wahab Khan (Technical Head of Cloud and Platforms - Webcentral)
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"It also includes automated false-positive reporting which allows you to fine-tune the ruleset settings if needed."
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Our full-stack solution provides a range of options to help in other ways to reduce the load or resolve other server issues
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