BitNinja and Enhance Team up to Deliver a Scalable, Secure Hosting Experience

We are excited to announce that BitNinja is now compatible with Enhance, the powerful multi-server hosting control panel.

Web hosting has evolved beyond the era of simply hosting a website on a single server, requiring web hosts to manage their infrastructure effectively. This is where Enhance enters the picture, joining forces with BitNinja to create a truly exceptional hosting experience.

What is Enhance?

Enhance is a potent multi-server hosting control panel offering an excess of features tailored to streamline the management of large hosting estates. 

Moreover, Enhance is Docker-based, meaning it uses containerized services and websites for increased flexibility and ease of management.  So its standout feature is its capability to deliver a clustered and infinitely scalable solution for web hosts and agencies. This enables easy addition of new servers as your business flourishes. All are under the control of a unified panel that is similar to BitNinja’s centralized dashboard. 

In addition to its scalability and flexibility, Enhance also offers a range of powerful features. Such as smart website placement, server role management, robust DNS, and comprehensive website tools. Furthermore, it has a WordPress toolkit that allows you to install, configure, secure, update, and manage WordPress sites without having to leave the Enhance control panel.

What are the benefits of using BitNinja with Enhance?

As the first comprehensive security tool to integrate with Enchance, we offer their users advanced security to protect their servers, websites, and applications.
By integrating our multi-layered security suite with Enhance's scalable hosting control panel, web hosts and agencies can revel in a complete hosting solution that addresses all their requirements. 


Explore the capabilities of Enhance, a powerful control panel solution, along with the added security of BitNinja's all-in-one server protection.
This innovative combination provides you with peace of mind by ensuring that state-of-the-art technology is protecting your business.

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