A Year in Review: Celebrating the Milestones of Our Threat Management Team

A year ago, we saw the need for an even more secure online presence and introduced a dedicated Threat Management Team. Now, as we mark the first anniversary of this diligent team, we are excited to share the milestones achieved, showcasing our commitment to ensuring the utmost security for our users.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

threat management waf

- We have achieved a 21% increase in our WAF rules, and most new rules are activated by default.

- Our capabilities now extend to tweaking OWASP rules, offering a more comprehensive security layer.

- Proudly, the WAF false positive rate was cut by about 50% within a year, bringing our current false positive rate to a commendable 0.1%. This ensures accuracy and reduces unnecessary blocks or alarms.

- Whenever the WAF false positive starts to rise, we can now immediately identify and address the cause/source of the problem.

- For tailored security needs, we can create custom WAF groups.

- Our WAF rules against malware calls are now at a significant 100k hits.

Malware Management

threat management malware

- We have boosted our blocklist signatures from 59k to a remarkable 104k.

- Validated malware? They’re consistently at zero, thanks to our proactive measures, meaning our clients are free from malware validation worries.

- The number of malware restores per week is almost always under 100.

- False positive signatures are nearly non-existent now, further enhancing our threat detection accuracy.

- Together with the agent team, we addressed and fixed numerous malware detection errors.

- From the global discarded database, we brought back excess signatures, ensuring nothing slipped through the cracks.

Other Noteworthy Achievements

threat management achievements

- In just one year, we have halved the number of infected servers, reinforcing our infrastructure's security.

- We actively participated in various development projects, especially focusing on outbound spam detection enhancements.

- Our team can now write log analysis rules and even modify existing ones when needed.

- We took over and expanded the management of the allow list repository.

- Script for JetBackup integration is in place, ensuring seamless backup operations.

- The introduction of honeypotifiers and post-detection fixes has added an extra layer of protection.

- We have ironed out the glitches like the blocklist numbers’ inconsistency and fixed issues like the WAF honeypot collision.


In conclusion, the journey of our Threat Management Team in the past year has been nothing short of remarkable. Their efforts have fortified our defenses, reduced vulnerabilities, and ensured that we stay one step ahead of potential threats. As we forge ahead, we remain committed to enhancing our cybersecurity measures and providing an unwavering shield against digital threats.

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