BitNinja and JetBackup: A Powerful Partnership Ensuring Data Security with Post-Detection Script

We happily announce the groundbreaking partnership with JetBackup, a powerful web hosting backup solution. This partnership aims to provide users with a seamless and user-friendly post-detection script, ensuring data protection against malware attacks. The script acts as a safety net, locking the most recent backup in case the cleaning process unintentionally removes crucial data.

What is JetBackup?

JetBackup is a widely-used backup software designed specifically for web hosting environments. It enables web hosting providers and website owners to create and manage backups of their data, databases, emails, files, and more. With JetBackup, users can perform full and incremental backups, schedule automated backups, and store backups in remote locations for disaster recovery purposes.

The Goal of the Partnership

As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen server security, we believe in the power of building meaningful partnerships. We are proud to have fostered multiple new collaborations with industry leaders in recent months. Just to name a few of our most recent partnerships, we have joined forces with MagicPSAM for spam protection, Enhance Control Panel, and the cutting-edge 360 Monitoring tool.

The primary objective of the partnership between JetBackup and us is to develop a simple and accessible post-detection script. This script would come into action whenever our malware detection system identifies malware on a server. The script's purpose is to lock the most recent backup associated with the affected account, ensuring that a clean backup is readily available in case the malware removal process leads to unintended data loss.

Key Features of the Post-Detection Script

1. Compatibility and Assumptions:

   - The post-detection script is designed for JetBackup 5 (version 1.0 - July 2023).

   - It assumes that JetBackup is installed on the server and account-level backups are being created.

2. Malware Detection Logic:

   - The script first verifies whether the detected malware signature is published. It proceeds only if the signature is published, ensuring that false positives are not acted upon.

3. Cooldown Period:

   - The script incorporates a cooldown mechanism for each user, ensuring that backup locking occurs only after a specific time interval.

   - The cooldown period can be adjusted in seconds (COOLDOWN_SEC) at the beginning of the script.

4. Backup Locking:

   - The script retrieves the file owner as a parameter upon detecting malware.

   - It then attempts to fetch the most recent account backup associated with the user and places a lock on it.

   - The lock's duration is specified in days (LOCK_PERIOD_DAY) at the script's beginning.

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Implementation and Output

The script's output is handled through the "outlog" function, which directs the output to STDOUT by default. Users can modify this function to log the output to a specific file if desired.

Backup Job Creation in JetBackup

With the seamless integration of BitNinja and JetBackup, users can create backup jobs on the JetBackup dashboard, specifying account or folder backup types. For account backups, users can choose specific data to include (e.g., configurations, homedir, databases) by using numeric values (e.g., 511 for full account backup). Backup jobs can be scheduled or manually run, offering flexibility for backup management.

Backup Data Retrieval in JetBackup

JetBackup offers several methods to query backup data, each returning different sets of information. The "listBackupForAccounts" query, used in the script, provides account names along with the latest backup ID and parent ID, which links related backups.


The fruitful partnership between BitNinja with JetBackup brings forth a robust post-detection script, ensuring data protection and swift recovery in web hosting environments. With this powerful combination, users can confidently defend against malware threats and rely on JetBackup's efficient backup solution for seamless disaster recovery. Together, BitNinja and Jetbackup are committed to revolutionizing the landscape of web hosting security and data resilience. 

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