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Proactive Linux server protection from a centralized, easy-to-use console.

Secure your web servers and customers’ websites against all kinds of cyber threats with our multi-layered security tool including Anti-Malware, Web Application Firewall, DoS Detection, Real-time IP Reputation, and Log Analysis.


How BitNinja works

Proactive Protection

A reactive mindset focuses on what happens if a threat occurs. Having a proactive cybersecurity strategy means being prepared for attacks before they happen. The combination of our unique methods prevents every BitNinja defended server from future attacks.

Defense Network

The pillar of our proactive strategy is the Defense Network. Every BitNinja protected server worldwide shares information with each other about the most recent attacks. This unique crowdsourcing method is the best way to defend against the latest vulnerabilities and zero-day attacks. The Defense Network gets stronger with every new server, and this synergetic effect gives high value for each BitNinja user around the world.

Upsell Opportunity

BitNinja has a product add-on called SiteProtection. This is an upsell opportunity for your company to offer website owners a hands-free security solution that includes malware removal, automatic backups, vulnerability patching, and reporting. The best thing is that you get commission after every sold licence.

Let's make the internet a safer place together!

Let's make the internet a safer place together!

10M +
blocked cyberattacks daily
35 000 +
servers protected
100M +
IP addresses on our reputation list
18 000 +
global blacklisted malware signatures

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What is a BitNinja?

BitNinja is a multi-layered security software, that has many modules designed for specific tasks. Each of them meant for different types of attacks(or intrusions) to keep your servers Safe! BitNinja will actively monitor your incoming and outgoing network traffic, and defend your Servers against already known attacking IPs found in our large IP Reputation pool containing millions of these addresses, and badly behaving new ones.
Our agent also has Malware Scanner module for detecting already existing infected files on your server. BitNinja is also equipped with a WAF module for stopping incoming attacks directed at known vulnerabilities in Web Applications, for example, SQL injections, remote and local file inclusions and other attacks.

These are just a few modules that BitNinja uses to defend your servers against hackers. You can find all of our modules listed on our “informations” page here:

How to install BitNinja?

To install BitNinja you will need to open a terminal on the server and insert the one-line installation code from the middle of your screen and press enter. This installation code will detect the OS running on the server and install BitNinja in a couple of minutes.

Can I move my license over to a new server?

Yes, we can move the license for you from one server to another. You just need to contact us when the new server is added to your dashboard via the “Add new server ” button.

How do we determine the hosted users on the server?

First of all, we check the number of system and non-system users by UID_MIN, MAX, SYS_UID_MIN/MAX, it can be defined in /etc/login.defs. Moreover, we count different users’ various folders in /home, /var/www, /var/www/vhosts. The largest is the benchmark for the pricing.