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Advanced technique
The Malware Detection module uses advanced techniques like code deobfuscation and structure analysis to effectively detect and remove infected files, preventing further damage to the server.
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Quick and effective
Our innovative scanning technique reduces scanning time by 90%. This is achieved through a two-step process, first by a quick scan to detect obvious signs of malware, followed by a deep scan for thorough cleaning.
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Resource friendly
BitNinja utilizes a dual caching system and the latest techniques, such as Auditd file monitoring and Aho-Corasick algorithms, to ensure efficient malware analysis and resource usage.
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Supercomputer Power in AI Solutions
We harness the Komondor supercomputer's 6 petaflops for our AI cybersecurity solutions. This power boosts our MalwareGPT-powered AI scanner's efficiency, delivering 3x faster speeds with only a tenth of the CPU usage.
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Defense Robot
Our Defense Robot is designed to be more comprehensive than traditional malware removal solutions. The robot automatically traces the source of the infection and takes preventive measures, such as blocking the attacker's IP and "honeypotifying" the targeted domain/URI, to ensure long-term protection
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Sandbox Scanner
The Sandbox Simulator emulates the execution of PHP files on the server in a safe environment, and automatically analyzes their behavior. This allows for the detection of the latest zero-day malware, including those that have been obscured, in both new and old PHP files on the server.
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Custom Malware signatures
BitNinja simplifies custom malware management by allowing you to add patterns to your database and syncing them across all servers. New signatures are added in "log only" mode for safe confirmation before activation.
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Client’s Reviews


"After implementing BitNinja, our incidents of malware-infected websites, hacked sites, or spam scripts have been reduced from a daily occurrence to one or two incidents a month."
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Malware Scanner comparison - BitNinja vs Imunify
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"Based on the testing, BitNinja’s malware scanner was found to have superior performance in terms of scan times, load averages, and cleaning and quarantining performance."
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Our full-stack solution provides a range of options to help in other ways to reduce the load or resolve other server issues
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