We protect popular CMS systems, their plugins, and themes
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Key Features of Our AI File Patcher

Empower Your Server's Defense with Precision, Integration, and Flexibility
Precise file patch bitninja
Precision Patching
Directly targets and patches vulnerabilities without altering the rest of the code, ensuring your applications run smoothly without introducing new bugs or dependencies.

seamless integration patch bitninja
Seamless Integration
Automatically identifies patchable files from existing vulnerability databases, offering a plug-and-play solution that integrates effortlessly with your server environment.

reversible file patch bitninja
Reversible Patches
Offers full control over patch application, allowing for individual, server-wide, or cluster-wide patching. Patches can be reversed at any time, restoring original files safely, even if updates have occurred.

Learn How Our Module Can Help You

ai file patcher bitninja
Innovative AI-Driven Technology
- Detects and patches vulnerabilities in web applications.
- Covers CMS platforms, including plugins and themes.
- Applies AI-generated patches precisely
- Issues manual patches by experts alongside AI
- Minimizes false positives.
- Tailors AI for zero-day exploit detection
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proactive file patcher bitninja
Proactive Security Measures
- Scans website software for vulnerabilities.
- Maintains existing site functionality.
- Offers customizable patch management.
- Features reversible patching for safety.
Protect proactively
user friendly file patcher bitninja
Seamless Integration and 
User-Friendly Operation
- Auto-detects vulnerabilities, requiring no manual setup.
- Effortlessly complements existing security systems.
- Adapts to individual or widespread patch needs.
- Quickly finds patchable files using data from vulnerability databases (e.g., CVE)
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