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Key Benefits that Set SiteProtection Apart

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Proactive BitNinja Server Security
Actively scans and neutralizes threats before they compromise websites or CRMs, offering advanced, real-time security.
Trust BitNinja Server Security
Trust & Credibility
Fosters long-term customer loyalty through transparent, user-friendly dashboard and robust security measures.
Efficacy BitNinja Server Security
Automates security protocols to reduce support and tech team workloads, allowing focus on business growth.

Learn How Our Module Can Help You

SiteProtection BitNinja Server Security
Comprehensive Security Dashboard
Our dashboard clearly displays crucial security metrics, like risk level and scan results, facilitating informed decisions for website owners and hosting providers.
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Real-Time Alerts and Notifications
SiteProtection's real-time alert system ensures you and your team are immediately notified of suspicious activities for swift risk mitigation.
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Third-Party Integrations
Seamlessly integrate SiteProtection with your CRM, security tools, and analytics platforms for cohesive security management in your existing ecosystem.
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Learn How Our Module Can Help You

  • IP blocking
    You can add IPs to your black-, white- or greylist in 3 ways: Dashboard, CLI, and API. Any changes made are implemented immediately, and it is possible to block countries and ASNs with customized time frames to eliminate attacks from 
specific regions.
    take control of security
    Laptop BitNinja Server Security
  • Customizable CAPTCHA 
and BIC
    You have the ability to customize the CAPTCHA and BIC pages displayed on your servers. This feature allows you to incorporate your brand design or custom text, making the IP delisting process more user-friendly for your visitors.
    Customize Security
    SiteProtection Laptop BitNinja Server Security
Small Purple Point BitNinja Server Security PlatformSmall Purple Point BitNinja Server Security Platform
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