real-time ip reputation

Real-time protection against malicious IPs

BitNinja's Defense Network is protecting servers worldwide with a database of 100M+ IP addresses


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load reduction
The Defense Network's real-time updated 100M+ IP list reduces server load and CPU usage, enhancing efficiency.
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Flexibility and Control
We provide user-level IP management, enabling control over specific IPs, ranges, countries, and ASNs for unmatched flexibility and control.
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Low false positives
The challenge list feature, beyond blocklists and allowlists, offers flexible IP management, lowers false positives, and enables delisting of malicious IPs by legitimate visitors via CAPTCHA or BIC.

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IP blocking
Add IPs to your blocklist, allowlist, or challenge list using Dashboard, CLI, or API. Changes are instant, with options to block countries and ASNs for set periods, targeting attacks from specific regions.
Take control
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Customizable CAPTCHA and BIC
Customize the CAPTCHA and BIC pages on your servers with your brand design or custom text, making IP delisting more user-friendly for visitors.
Customize Security
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Learn How Our Module Can Help You

  • IP blocking
    You can add IPs to your black-, white- or greylist in 3 ways: Dashboard, CLI, and API. Any changes made are implemented immediately, and it is possible to block countries and ASNs with customized time frames to eliminate attacks from 
specific regions.
    take control of security
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  • Customizable CAPTCHA 
and BIC
    You have the ability to customize the CAPTCHA and BIC pages displayed on your servers. This feature allows you to incorporate your brand design or custom text, making the IP delisting process more user-friendly for your visitors.
    Customize Security
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“IP reputation list has indeed helped lower our load via an amazing amount”
Online Audience
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Giuseppe Tanzilli (CTO @ ServerPlan)
"We saved an enormous amount of server resources that we can now use for legitimate customer activity."
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