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Security Components

The Essential Components for Total Server Protection

Protect Your Server from All Angles with The Building Blocks You Need
  • Malware Scanner
    Our Ai-powered, industry-leader malware scanner provides comprehensive protection and reduces scanning time by 90% with its two-step scan process. Plus, the Defense Robot ensures preventative measures like blocking IPs and 
"honeypotifying" domains.
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  • WAF module
    The WAF effectively blocks website cyberattacks by filtering all incoming web requests and automatically rejecting any suspicious activity. This proactive approach ensures a high level of security. 
Plus, the pre-defined ruleset ensures a low rate 
of false positives.
    Protect CMSs now
  • Load reduction
    Our community-powered defense system uses the collective knowledge of our 100M+ IP list to effectively identify and block malicious traffic, resulting in immediate server load reduction. This allows for a more efficient and secure online experience for your customers.
    Time for load reduction
  • Low false positives
    The greylist feature goes beyond black- and whitelists, provides flexibility in IP management, reduces false positives, and allows the delisting of malicious IPs by valid human visitors through CAPTCHA or Browser Integrity Check (BIC).
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  • SiteProtection
    This module is a website-level security service. It offers vulnerability patching, and malware cleaning and removal. This module is an integral part of the overall BitNinja experience and is not an additional service that requires a separate purchase or subscription.
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Security Components

The Essential Components for Total Server Protection

Protect Your Server from All Angles with The Building Blocks You Need
  • Best Malware Scanner
    Experience the best of both worlds with our quick scan for fast results and deep scan for a thorough clean with our AI-powered malware scanner, which is the most effective in the market.
    catch malware now
  • Load reduction
    Feel the power of our crowd-sourced defense network with our massive 100M+ IP list and see immediate server load reduction with BitNinja.
    unleash crowd power
  • Extra comfort
    Effortlessly navigate your way through our intuitive dashboard and never worry with our 
24/7 support on hand.
    experience serenity
  • Web Application Firewall
    Easily defend your CMS against a wide range of threats including XSS and SQL injection with our powerful and reliable WAF module.
    protect your cms

Control Panel Independent with flexible system compatibility

This makes BitNinja a flexible security solution that can be used in a wide range of variety of different hosting environments.
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