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Explore the full range of solutions we provide to complement our malware scanner, WAF module, and real-time IP reputation system.
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SQL Scanner
Our Database scanner module examines and cleans your database regularly with the MalwareDetection module's detectors. It scans for suspicious activity locally, keeping data confidential and secure.
Scan your database
Log Analysis
Our Log Analysis detects and blocks various types of common attacks, updates IP rules in real-time, runs silently in the background for constant protection, and doesn't require configuration.
Get Real-time Protection
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ddos BitNinja Server Security Platform
DoS detection
We block IPs with too many connections, add them to greylist for validation and block recurring DoS attempts. BitNinja has a configurable threshold and CAPTCHA page is protected against DoS.
Eliminate DoS Threats
Web/port Honeypots
The Honeypots trap suspicious connections by creating automatic decoys, blocking hackers from accessing valid services. The Web Honeypot blocks access through backdoors in PHP web applications and blocks Command&Control servers directing botnet attacks
Fill the pots with honey
honey BitNinja Server Security Platform
Money BitNinja Server Security sandbox BitNinja Server Security linux malware scanner
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“Every single feature of BitNinja is unique and serves a distinct purpose, but they are all united in their aim to provide protection, which is its best feature.”

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Frederick Schiwek (CEO @
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"Having BitNinja running on both servers has been incredibly beneficial. It detects and quarantines various threats. It also performs several automated tasks, which is highly convenient."
The Fan Carpet
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Explore additional security measures

Our full-stack solution provides a range of options to resolve server issues, such as malware attacks.
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