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"After we started using BitNinja, we have noticed a drastic decrease in hacked WordPress installations or server overloads due to minor DoS attacks or brute force attempts. The drop was so dramatic that we decided to provide BitNinja for free to our web hosting customers. ”
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How can I check the number of hosted users on my server?

ls -n /home|awk ‘$3 >= UID_MIN’|awk ‘{print $3}’|sort|uniq|wc -l
For DirectAdmin, we count every user in the access group in /home folder.
ls -n /home|awk ‘$4 == ACCESS_GID && $3 >= UID_MIN’|awk ‘{print $3}’|sort|uniq|wc -l

What are the requirements of starting the trial?

You only need to give your name and an email address to sign up on our website. After this, you receive a verification email to your mailbox with a confirmation link. Then, log into your account, add your servers and the trial starts instantly. No credit card needed to start the trial!

Can I resell BitNinja?

Yes, we have a Reseller Partner Program that allows you to sell BitNinja worldwide. Our Reseller Panel, API, and Reseller Kit for marketing purposes grants a quick start to launch your business.