BitNinja and GridPane: A Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Cybersecurity during Black Friday and Beyond

As the Black Friday season approaches, the surge in online shopping activities also marks an increase in cybersecurity threats. Last year’s (2022) Black Friday witnessed a notable upswing in various cyberattacks. Kaspersky researchers highlighted a doubling in banking Trojan attacks, with almost 20 million incidents specifically targeting banking credentials. Phishing and scam attacks, particularly targeting seasonal shoppers, spiked significantly, with phishing attacks jumping by 200% and malware attacks by 300%. Notably, the Magecart attack, involving web skimming to steal payment information, impacted 311 restaurant websites, compromising 50,000 payment cards.

These alarming statistics underscore the importance of comprehensive cybersecurity measures, especially during high-traffic periods like Black Friday. Recognizing this need, GridPane has partnered with us to provide enhanced security solutions for its users.

Why GridPane Chose BitNinja as a Cybersecurity Partner

“So far LOVING everything I’m seeing inside the Dashboard. Super simple setup, very intuitive” - Patrick Gallagher, CEO at GridPane

GridPane, an industry leader in server management for agencies, developers, and businesses, acknowledges the crucial need for enhanced security. The partnership with BitNinja aligns with GridPane's commitment to delivering top-tier services while ensuring the highest security standards for its clients. Our all-in-one security solutions offer them a proactive approach to safeguard against a wide range of cyber threats, making us an ideal partner for GridPane.

About GridPane

GridPane specializes in providing advanced server management solutions. Their platform is designed for performance, reliability, and ease of use, catering to the specific needs of WordPress developers and agencies. With a focus on automating server-related tasks, GridPane streamlines workflows, allowing its users to focus more on their business and less on server management.

The Collaboration of GridPane and BitNinja

Our partnership is more than just a collaboration. It’s a strategic alignment of two companies dedicated to enhancing the online experience for businesses and agencies. Our innovative security solutions complement GridPane’s robust server management platform, creating a secure and efficient environment for online operations. This collaboration is particularly significant during periods like Black Friday, where the risk of cyber threats is heightened.


As Black Friday 2023 approaches, the partnership between GridPane and BitNinja is a beacon of security and reliability in the digital space. This collaboration addresses the immediate threats posed by the high-traffic shopping season and sets a new standard for cybersecurity in the web hosting and server management industry. For businesses and agencies looking to secure their online operations, this partnership offers a comprehensive and effective solution.

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