Our Industry-Leader Malware Scanner is now available for Windows Servers

In our ongoing efforts to enhance server security, we are excited to announce a major upgrade! Not only is our top-tier IP filtering solution available for Windows Servers, but now our well-renowned malware scanner, celebrated for its effectiveness across various platforms, has also been finely tuned specifically for Windows Servers. This version is currently in beta, ensuring you have early access while we refine the final product.

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Beta Release: Malware Scanner for Windows Servers

Our mission has always been to provide top-tier security solutions. Now, Windows server users can revel in the same superior protection that Linux users have enjoyed for years. Moreover, for those specifically utilizing WordPress and other CMSs, our scanner is adept at identifying and neutralizing the unique malware threats that target these platforms.

Enjoy All the Remarkable Features of Our Malware Scanner, Now on Windows

- Blazing-Fast Scans: Our scanner's exceptional speed ensures swift and thorough scans, just as you've experienced on Linux servers. Thanks to our multi-layered caching system and highly optimized agent written in Golang, you'll enjoy quick and efficient scans.

- Comprehensive Detection:  Equipped with a comprehensive malware signature database and PHP structure-based analysis alongside a behavior-based zero-day detector. Our scanner ensures even the most complex threats are quickly identified and addressed. Moreover, it can also clean files and quarantine backdoors to ensure that the CMS-based websites are scanned and sanitized from infections.

-  AI-Powered Malware Detection: This is where we truly stand out. BitNinja is at the forefront of AI-powered malware detection because attackers have started utilizing AI, too. Traditional techniques are becoming less effective, but our solution leads the way with supercomputing capabilities, ensuring the most advanced malware recognition.

- Parallel Malware Scans: Users can conduct parallel malware scans, both manually and on a scheduled basis, allowing for greater flexibility.

- Windows Defender Compatibility: To enhance system safety without causing conflicts, we made our scanner compatible with Windows Defender, including adding a quarantine folder to Windows Defender's excluded folders.

- User-Friendly Interface: Our malware scanner's intuitive design caters to users of both Linux and Windows Servers, ensuring a seamless experience for users of both Linux and Windows Servers. Scans can be easily started and canceled right from the dashboard, providing a user-friendly experience for administrators.

For more detailed insights and technical specifics, please refer to our comprehensive technical documentation.

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Your Feedback, Our Motivation

At BitNinja, your valuable feedback continues to guide our progress. Extending our services to Windows Servers was a direct response to the demand for the same comprehensive malware protection that our Linux users have enjoyed.

As we introduce this Windows version of our malware scanner, we invite you to put it to the test on your Windows Server. Your insights, experiences, and suggestions are a cornerstone of our commitment to improvement.

Together, we can continuously enhance our malware scanner, making it even more effective and tailored to your needs. Your feedback is the key to our collective success in fortifying server security, regardless of your chosen operating system.

Sneak Peek

We are poised to take server security to the next level by introducing our advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution, tailored for Windows servers—promising a new benchmark in safeguarding online assets.

In Conclusion

BitNinja remains committed to delivering industry-leading server security solutions, now available for Linux and Windows alike. With our advanced malware scanner, you can now enjoy the same exceptional benefits on your Windows Server, making digital security accessible and consistent for all.

Experience the full power of BitNinja's malware protection on your Windows Server today. Let's unite to fortify server security, irrespective of your operating system!

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