We want to create a secure internet through advanced technologies, information sharing by incident reports, and Defense Network building for mutual protection.
Vision in progress
Our steps toward achieving our vision are driven by a heartfelt endeavor
and purpose-driven steps
We create high-quality educational videos that offer expert insights on securing servers, available to everyone for free.
Defense Network
BitNinja-protected servers share attack information with each other to form a strong community that enhances their defense against security threats.
Incident Report
Our report informs the IP owner that their server is attacking a BitNinja-protected server, with the intention of raising awareness for them.
Threat Management
We aim for a multi-faceted approach with automated processes and a team of security experts providing real-time protection against zero-day attacks.
Incident Report

Our mission

We aim to inform IP owners whose servers are unknowingly attacking BitNinja-protected servers and may just notice symptoms like high server load or blocklisted IP addresses. By doing so, we hope to contribute towards reducing cyberattacks by raising awareness, thereby making the internet a safer place.
Defense Network

The Power of Community

By building a global network of interconnected servers that collaborate by sharing attack information with each other, we are doing our part to ensure that the internet remains a safe place. With every new member and attack, our community becomes stronger, and we can continue to defend against evolving threats. By joining us, you are not only protecting your own servers but also contributing to the safety and security of the internet for all.
Join and make the internet safer together!
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