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Enhance your email security now: Block spam, avoid blocklisting, and get key insights with our Outbound Spam Detection module!


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- preventive
Our tool can help to protect your email reputation and prevent your server from being blocklisted.
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AI technology aids sysadmins by analyzing account activity, such as identifying the percentage of outgoing emails that are spam, to assist in decision-making.
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Stop outgoing SPAM with a single click by using CAPTCHA on forms and contact pages, reducing spam while maintaining a smooth experience for legitimate visitors.

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Outgoing Email Analysis
Our module uses advanced algorithms to scan outgoing messages for spam, proactively protecting your email deliverability.
Scan for Spam
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Complete Overview for Sysadmins
Sysadmins can view outgoing email metrics on a dashboard, where our AI tool adds insights, like flagging 88% of emails as potential spam, aiding their decision-making process.
Optimize with AI
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