Easy Server Management: Introducing the Cloud Configuration

We are excited to announce a significant milestone in the development of our platform - the Cloud Configuration solution. Our team has been working tirelessly to create a user-friendly way to simplify the process of modifying server configurations for all users. We believe that this new feature will help you manage your server settings easily, making it more efficient and accessible than ever before.

Say Goodbye to Ansible for BitNinja Configs

Before the introduction of our Cloud Configuration solution, server admins were the only ones who could modify configs. They had to log in or use Ansible, a popular configuration management tool, to make changes. However, we recognized that this process could be cumbersome and limited for many users.

With the launch of the Cloud Configuration, we aim to replace Ansible with BitNinja configs, making it easier for all users to modify their server configurations directly from our dashboard. This new feature also extends to server groups, ensuring that any new server added to a group will automatically receive the configured settings.

Important Note for Ansible Users:

If you currently use Ansible and wish to continue doing so, please be aware of an essential change you must make. After you use Ansible to change configurations, you must now call a BitNinjaCLI command. This command is ´bitninjacli --syncconfigs´. By implementing this change, you can ensure that your configurations are synced correctly with our system.


Our Cloud Configuration solution is designed to provide you with greater flexibility and efficiency when managing server configurations. We are confident that this innovation will significantly improve your experience with our platform. As always, we value your continued support and welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Together, we can continue to enhance BitNinja.

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