Release notes Patched WP-Core XSS vulnerability - BitNinja 3.10.14

Heavy WordPress core cross-site scripting vulnerability got patched by BitNinja’s AI File Patcher module with our latest release. This massive vulnerability - fixed in WP 6.5.2 exists in WP 6.4.4 - affects millions of websites and we recommend not to wait for the website owners to do this CMS update. You can fix this easily […]

News Threat lab Defending a Million WordPress Sites Against a High-Risk Vulnerability

Our Threat Management team was on the spot again, working tirelessly to enhance the security of over one million WordPress sites. Recently, they developed a new WAF (Web Application Firewall) rule designed to fend off a particularly dangerous threat. This effort is part of our ongoing commitment to safeguard the web's most favored CMS from […]

News OpenLiteSpeed Integration: Speed Meets Security

We have just released an exciting update! We have integrated native support for OpenLiteSpeed into our agent, joining Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed in the ranks.  This means our users can enjoy faster, more secure websites, thanks to the smart combination of BitNinja's security features and OpenLiteSpeed's quick web serving capabilities. OpenLiteSpeed: Its Rising Popularity  Let's […]

News Our 2024 Vision: Exciting Server Security Innovations and Cybersecurity Future

Earlier this year, we shared our short-term development plans, introducing groundbreaking solutions like FilePatcher and WAF 3.0. However, our vision extends far beyond the immediate horizon. Today, we're thrilled to unveil our long-term server security innovation plans for 2024, marking a significant leap towards. Recap: Our Short-Term Milestones Before we dive into the future, let's […]

Cybersecurity Reports Threat lab Quarter in Review Through Malware Statistics

As we close another quarter in 2024, we would like to share some exciting numbers with you, especially our malware statistics. These numbers aren't just stats; they're proof of how hard we work to keep the internet a safer place for everyone. Let’s dive in and see exactly what our Threat Management team has achieved. […]

News How Safe Is Your Linux Server from AI-generated Malware?

Have you ever paused to consider how secure your server really is? With the rise of AI-generated malware, cyber threats are rapidly changing, emphasizing the importance of a robust Linux malware scanner. This type of malware isn't your typical threat; it's a sophisticated program to damage or exploit devices, services, or networks. So, who really […]

Events Heading to CloudFest: Our Guide to Must-See Agenda and Speeches!

As we gear up for CloudFest's 20th anniversary next week, we're excited to share with you the highlights of the event's agenda and the speeches we're most looking forward to. This milestone event has always been a melting pot of ideas, collaborations, and breakthroughs, and this year, as we celebrate two decades of innovation and […]

Events Sneak Peek into Our 2024 Security Innovations: Join Our Roadmap Webinar

We're preparing for CloudFest by bringing a suite of new developments and innovations. But if you can't join us or can't contain your excitement, we've got something special for you. Why wait when you can be among the first to dive into our latest cyber security solutions? Join us at our exclusive webinar on March […]

Release notes AI File Patcher in Beta - New BitNinja version (V3.10.6)

Introducing the AI File Patcher module in our new BitNinja version (V3.10.6) Most systems will automatically update, if you have specific settings or applications preventing automatic updates, you can follow our documentation on how to proceed to have the latest version installed. Short but great news are on the way! The newest BitNinja version (V3.10.6) […]

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