CloudFest 2024 Registration is Now Open: Reflecting on Past Achievements

We are so excited that the registration is now open for CloudFest 2024!
We cannot wait for another year of new ideas, learning, and teamwork. So, it is the perfect time to reflect on our journey since the last event and what we have achieved so far. 

Recap: CloudFest 2023

CloudFest 2023 was full of exciting ideas, new partnerships, and groundbreaking discussions. It was an opportunity for us to connect with our partners, like Virtuozzo, Plesk, and cPanel, and interact with users, including Wahab from Webcentral and Guiseppe from Serverplan. This confluence allowed us to partake in interesting discussions and receive invaluable insights and feedback.

One of the highlights of the event was the insightful talks with industry leaders, including our CEO. These were about the vulnerabilities in WordPress, which provided a deep understanding of the challenges and the prospective solutions in the realm of server security.

Roadmap Realizations 

BitNinja for Windows

We are thrilled to share that we have achieved significant milestones from our roadmap, including our IP filter module now ready for Windows. We are also in the advanced stages of finalizing our malware scanner solution, ensuring comprehensive protection for Windows server owners.

Cloud Configuration

We successfully launched the Cloud Configuration, making it easy for users to change their server settings from our dashboard. Moreover, this feature extends to server groups, meaning any new server added to a group will automatically get the configured settings, keeping everything consistent.

AI Technology

We have stepped up our game by using AI technology to detect outbound spam. Plus, our malware scanner is now powered by AI. This means it finds and stops threats more effectively, keeping your systems safe and sound!

Free SiteProtection

We have included the SiteProtection module in every package at no extra cost. This module offers advanced security for your websites and CMSs. It actively protects against malware, data breaches, and more, allowing you to concentrate on your business without worrying about potential threats. 

Memorable Interactions: Partners and Users

Reflecting back, the fun and enlightening times we had with our partners and users were the heart of our participation. The exchange of ideas, the sharing of experiences, and the collaborative discussions played a pivotal role in improving our services.

Looking Forward: CloudFest 2024

As we gear up for CloudFest 2024, our excitement knows no bounds. We are enthusiastic about the new possibilities, the advanced solutions, and the innovative ideas that this year’s event promises to bring. We are looking forward to more enlightening discussions, fruitful partnerships, and the opportunity to address the ever-evolving challenges of cybersecurity.

To wrap up, our journey since the last CloudFest has been immensely rewarding and productive. We have realized critical components of our roadmap, gained profound insights from our partners and users, and are steadily progressing towards our goal of making the internet a safer place. 

See you all at CloudFest 2024, let’s make it another event to remember!

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