From Linux Mastery to Windows Excellence: Introducing Alpha Version of Windows Server Security Solution

Businesses have trusted Microsoft's Windows Servers for their dependable performance for years. But, like all technologies, they are not free from security challenges. Recognizing this need, we are proud to announce a dedicated security solution designed specifically for Windows Servers.

One of the driving forces behind this development was the feedback and requests from our clients, underscoring the real-world demand for enhanced security solutions for Windows Servers.

"Having that kind of dynamic firewall on Windows would be a big plus, as it would add a lot of value in terms of not having a lot of exposed Windows servers on the Internet." - Wahab, Head of Cloud and Platforms at WebCentral

What does the Alpha version mean?

Currently in its early "Alpha" stage, our focus has been on the IP reputation filter. This solution examines incoming traffic and filters out any IP addresses known for suspicious activity. It's a first line of defense, ensuring only trustworthy traffic gets through.

"The great idea of BitNinja is the centralized IP reputation. This service is great for customers, especially with its integration from log scanning to brute force detection and beyond, providing added value by blocking threats in real-time across all machines." - Giuseppe Tanzilli, CTO of ServerPlan

For important details and requirements for testers, read the technical documentation by clicking here.

BitNinja Windows server security

Why is it groundbreaking?

One standout feature of our new solution is its unique driver. Instead of using a generic one, we've developed our own from scratch. This ensures it integrates seamlessly with Windows servers, offering optimal performance and quick adaptability to new threats.

BitNinja has always been a trusted name in server security, especially with our comprehensive security suite for Linux servers. Expanding our expertise to Windows servers is a logical and exciting step in our mission to provide top-tier security.


To wrap up, our new venture into Windows Server security represents a significant advancement in server protection. With innovative features and our signature attention to detail, even in its Alpha version, we are poised to set new standards. As we gear up for the full launch, we're eager to share the complete capabilities of BitNinja for Windows Servers with the community.

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