Unveiling The Groundbreaking AI Malware Scanner

In a commendable step towards ensuring a safer internet environment, we now offer the option to activate an AI Malware Scanner directly from your Dashboard, providing our users with a more robust defense against malicious threats. With the assistance of cloud-config, users can conveniently enable the new malware scanner on their console.

What is even better?

It could be assumed that this added capability would come with an extra cost. However, we want to assure our users that no additional fees are charged for our AI-strengthened scanner. We firmly believe in providing affordable cybersecurity solutions. Therefore we decided to absorb all the costs associated with delivering this innovative technology.
It aligns with our dedication to making a safer internet environment.

Meeting the Growing Demands

As demands for faster servers, improved response times, and greater capacity continue to grow, our AI-powered malware engine provides an answer to all these challenges. The AI scanner allows you to streamline your operations, offloading malware scanning to our optimized servers and consequently freeing up resources for other essential tasks. Whether you are running a small VPS or managing numerous hosted sites, our AI-powered Malware Scanner is designed to cater to your needs and provide a safer, more efficient experience.

Our Fight for Safer CyberSpace

Our unique approach lies at the heart of our new AI-enhanced malware scanning process - we work with file hashes instead of sending the entire files to our servers. However, in cases where a hash is unfamiliar to us, we will still process the full file, ensuring that no threat goes undetected. By adopting this method, we optimize bandwidth usage while ensuring comprehensive protection.

The entire file processing takes place on our servers, and we subsequently send instructions back to the agent on how to handle the files. This approach allows for better resource management and efficiency, resulting in quicker and more effective scans.

Incredible speed

With this new development, the remarkable speed of our malware scanner significantly sets it apart in the market, making it the fastest scanner currently available. The development team's focus on efficiency has optimized CPU and memory usage, resulting in a smooth, quick, and comprehensive scanning process. This increased efficiency not only safeguards your servers but also saves valuable time, allowing you to focus on other critical tasks.

Importantly, the current development opens the pathway to faster detection of zero-day malware, presenting the Threat Management Team with tools to respond more swiftly to emerging threats. This enhanced agility in the face of new and evolving threats bolsters the existing threat defense mechanisms and will undoubtedly contribute to a more secure digital landscape.

Opt-in or Opt-out

We understand that every user's needs are unique, which is why we have designed the AI Malware Scanner to be fully optional. You have the freedom to choose whether to enable this advanced feature based on your requirements and preferences. Rest assured, your cybersecurity remains in your hands, and you can easily activate or deactivate the scanner as desired.

So take advantage of this opportunity, and activate the AI-powered Malware Scanner on your Dashboard!
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Better Results with AI: Unearthing New Malicious Files

Thanks to our dedicated efforts in AI research and development, our Malware Scanner offers better results than ever before. The AI-powered engine is trained to analyze and identify new and previously undetected malicious files, bolstering our threat defense mechanisms. By leveraging artificial intelligence, we can swiftly adapt to emerging threats, ensuring a more secure digital environment for all our users.

Our goals

With our ongoing commitment to pioneering AI-driven malware detection and prevention, we aim to encourage an atmosphere of shared responsibility in combating cyber threats. By making this upgrade freely available to all our users, we solidify our position as a global cybersecurity leader dedicated to creating a safer digital world.

Safeguard your digital assets with speed, efficiency, and the power of artificial intelligence. Together, let's make the internet a safer place for everyone.

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