Time4VPS Partners with BitNinja to Offer Multi-layered Server Security Solution to Customers

In a recent interview with Giedrius, the Project Manager of Time4VPS, which is part of the Interneto Vizija company - the leading domain registrar and hosting provider in Lithuania, we gained insights into the company's evaluation of different server security solutions and how they came to resell BitNinja as part of their product portfolio.

When asked about evaluating different server security solutions, Giedrius explained that they resolved most general issues themselves, but their VPS products were self-managed, and they had to step up in the area of security. That's when they discovered BitNinja and were impressed by its multiple solutions, affordable price, and integration capabilities.

“We had a few options in mind but chose BitNinja in the end. I would say that the best part of BitNinja is that it’s not one tricky pony and offers multiple solutions like malware detection, traffic monitoring, WAF, and other features. Affordable price is also one of the factors.”

Giedrius highlighted that BitNinja stands out from other server security solutions because it offers multiple features simultaneously, such as malware detection, traffic monitoring, and WAF. While customers are free to choose any security solution, Giedrius preferred to provide BitNinja to their VPS users because of the added value it offers.

“There are many good security solutions online, but most of them are focused on a single area, like a firewall, malware detection, or something else. We decided that instead of a few different solutions, we could offer a BitNinja that provides multiple features at once.”

Integrating BitNinja into their billing system was seamless since the BitNinja module was already prepared. Although Time4VPS servers are self-managed, Giedrius believes that BitNinja has found its place among their customers and has been a worthy addition.

“Our billing system had the Bitninja module already prepared before we started, so the integration and the start were very smooth.”

While he could not highlight specific features or components of BitNinja that their customers find particularly valuable, he mentioned that they have yet to do a survey about it in the future, because they are interested in this information as well.

All things considered, adding BitNinja has been a vital move for Time4VPS, empowering them to fortify their server security posture and provide numerous features to their clients. BitNinja's reasonable cost, integration capabilities, and diverse range of solutions make it a standout option compared to other server security solutions in the market.

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