Safeguarding Small Businesses: The Fan Carpet's Journey with BitNinja

In the era of digitalization, small businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. With the rise in hacking incidents, malware attacks, and data breaches, it has become crucial for companies to prioritize their security measures. This case study focuses on Marc's company, The Fan Carpet, a UK-based web-based company that faced numerous hosting challenges and security concerns over the years. Marc shares his experience with us, and highlights the benefits it has brought to his business. This case study demonstrates how small businesses like The Fan Carpet can benefit from using BitNinja to enhance their security posture and safeguard their digital assets.


The Fan Carpet, founded by Marc and Jessica Alcon in 2004, is a web-based company operating in the UK. Over the years, they faced various hosting challenges, including unreliable hosts and inadequate security solutions. As their websites predominantly run on WordPress and Coppermine photo gallery, they became frequent targets for hackers and malware attacks. Marc realized the critical importance of robust security measures to protect their websites and data from potential threats.

“My current host had a security solution in place, but it wasn't a whole service solution. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford their full-service solution since their protection only covered a few websites. It got me thinking, what's the use of having a shield that only safeguards part of you? It's comparable to a police officer wearing a bulletproof vest that protects the chest but leaves the head vulnerable.”

Meeting BitNinja

In search of a comprehensive server security solution, Marc discovered BitNinja. The recommendation came from Adrian at Magix, who performed server cleanups for them. Marc was impressed by the fact that BitNinja provided a holistic security solution, protecting the entire server rather than specific websites. This aligns with his philosophy of comprehensive security. Marc also appreciated the affordability of BitNinja's services, making it accessible to small businesses like his own.

“That's precisely why I appreciate the existence of BitNinja. You provide an affordable security solution, which is crucial for me. Managing such a significant number of accounts alone can be overwhelming. While I have a good understanding of what to look for, there are still aspects that I may not be familiar with. “

Ease of Implementation

Implementing BitNinja proved to be a hassle-free experience for Marc, even with limited technical knowledge. The intuitive dashboard and straightforward installation process allowed for seamless integration of the solution into the existing infrastructure. He emphasized the convenience of BitNinja's graphical user interface, which complements their visual-oriented mindset. The real-time feedback and instant protection offered by BitNinja were particularly appreciated.

“Setting up BitNinja was surprisingly easy for me. As I mentioned earlier, my knowledge of the terminal, or what they call it on a Mac, is quite basic. I don't know any of the commands unless explicitly provided with them. However, with BitNinja, it's incredibly convenient because the necessary commands are readily available on the dashboard once I log in. I believe it's in the server tab where you can find the command you need to run, and all you have to do is copy and paste it. The installation process is automated, and BitNinja takes care of everything for you. This aspect is particularly beneficial for someone like me who prefers a visual interface. Although my brain functions better with graphical elements rather than lines of text, I can still observe the progress through the self-populating lines of text. It's impressive how quickly and effortlessly I can set up BitNinja on a new server within a matter of minutes, especially after running the installation command.”

Benefits of BitNinja for The Fan Carpet

Our anti-malware solution emerged as one of the most useful modules for The Fan Carpet. It provides real-time protection against malware attacks, automatically quarantining and flagging potential threats. Marc particularly appreciated the daily reports that outlined the malware instances BitNinja had successfully intercepted. This feature instilled confidence in Marc, knowing that his server was shielded from potential attacks. The convenience and ease of use were evident, as Marc mentioned that implementation was straightforward, even for someone with limited technical knowledge.

“This is excellent because you've successfully filled a significant gap in the market, as far as I'm concerned. Your solution is affordable, secure, and reliable. I receive a daily report from you highlighting the number of malware catches, providing me with peace of mind. Having BitNinja running on both our previous and current servers has been incredibly beneficial. It detects and quarantines various threats, allowing us to delete them manually. It also performs several automated tasks, which is highly convenient. While security is not something I overlook, it's comforting to have a solution that works diligently in the background.”

Collaboration with Cloudflare and Wordfence

Marc emphasized the importance of seamless integration between different security tools. The Fan Carpet also utilizes Cloudflare and Wordfence alongside BitNinja. Marc appreciated the synergy among these tools, as they worked together without conflicts, ensuring comprehensive protection for their websites. With this multi-layered security approach, Marc felt confident that his business was well-guarded against potential threats.

“Now, we're fortunate to have the added support of Cloudflare, which seamlessly integrates with BitNinja. It's a great collaboration ensuring our security measures work perfectly. Security has always been a top priority for me, particularly after the unfortunate incident of losing the gallery due to a lack of backup.”

The Comfort of Security

Marc expressed a sense of comfort and relief in having BitNinja as a security partner. The 24/7 protection provided by BitNinja allowed him to focus on other aspects of his business, knowing that his server was in safe hands. This comfort stemmed from the proactive and responsive support provided by BitNinja's team. Marc praised their professionalism and willingness to assist, even beyond the scope of their services.

“BitNinja has proven to be an incredibly supportive team. Your availability and willingness to assist are truly wonderful. Even in the past, during either the Decant or Blaze incident, there was something I didn't know how to resolve. They assured me that they could handle it on my behalf and emphasized that their intervention would not exacerbate the situation. Trusting their expertise, I provided them with the server credentials, allowing them to log in and address the issue directly. Their intervention proved successful in resolving the problem that was hindering optimal functionality. I hold nothing but faith and admiration for the BitNinja team. They consistently deliver exceptional support and assistance.”


The Fan Carpet's experience with BitNinja exemplifies the significance of robust security measures for small businesses. By leveraging BitNinja's comprehensive security solution, Marc was able to protect his websites and data from potential threats. The anti-malware feature, seamless integration with other security tools, and responsive support were key factors that contributed to Marc's satisfaction. The case study highlights how small businesses like The Fan Carpet can benefit from BitNinja's affordable and reliable server security solution, ultimately ensuring the longevity and safety of their digital assets.

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