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OnlineAudience is a company that offers a variety of services, with a focus on radio hosting, Cpanel hosting, and reseller hosting.
As a technical and security engineer, Raymond is a key player in the company and takes cybersecurity seriously, implementing solutions and routines to ensure the safety and security of their systems. 

One solution that has proven to be highly beneficial for his company is BitNinja, our cybersecurity software that helps to reduce infections and odd traffic, as well as improve performance by using an IP reputation list.

As the new features are coming out in a beta version, BitNinja needs users to test them in a live environment. Therefore we collected users in our VIP program, so the members could be the first to try these new features out and provide feedback based on their experiences. This will allow them to be a more active part of the development process. 

Raymond is a part of our VIP program too. He enjoys being able to help the team eliminate bugs and perform necessary tests.

"As a security professional, I always believe people should have their privacy. Many companies do this for a ridiculously amount or overpriced, and I have never seen anyone work as hard as BitNinja to put this awesome tool together. For this reason, I love being a beta tester, so I can help the team eliminate some bugs and allow them to do the tests they require"

According to Raymond, BitNinja has significantly impacted the company's systems in several ways.

"Bitninja was extremely easy to implement, and the support team was really amazing if I had any concerns, issues, or questions"

Furthermore, the usage of our software has resulted in a reduction in load, improved traffic, and fewer infected files. Our extensive IP reputation list has been particularly helpful in lowering the load on the servers.

"IP reputation list has indeed helped lower our load via an amazing amount

Moreover, he stated that BitNinja is also easy to navigate and handle, with our centralized dashboard allowing for managing all servers under one roof. 

"Definitely easier than having multiple logins. Being able to handle everything in one place saves everyone time and is very easy to use" 

According to him, the malware scanner is fast and effective. It may take a little more time for the scan to complete on some beta systems, but it is still remarkable.

Overall, Raymond believes that BitNinja is a valuable asset to OnlineAudience and is impressed by the level of protection and security we provide. 

"Every single feature of BitNinja is unique and serves a distinct purpose, but they are all united in their aim to provide protection, which is its best feature."

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