Release notes New chapter in BitNinja’s life – Version 2.0.0 is here

Did you find something new on your Dashboard? Almost 5 years ago, we announced BitNinja 1.0.0 and sooo many things happened since then. I could write a whole book if I would like to summarize the results of this period. Instead, let’s meet with the BitNinja 2.0.0! What 2.0.0 brings to you? This is the […]

Release notes Release note – A bunch of new features are available in agent 1.29.X and 1.30.0

Where are our tech ninjas? The first quarter of 2019 was quite stirring. We have also published several articles about our work. So, let’s start just by thinking about these developments: FTP CAPTCHA New SenseLog rules Newly discovered file uploader botnet Patched Drupal vulnerability Defense Robot Anti-Phishing Also, what happened in Q2? Malware Scanner Slack […]

Release notes Defense Robot – The breakthrough innovation for the cybersecurity market

Are you tired of the never-ending malware infections? Would you like to get rid of the nightmare of the long hours spent troubleshooting? Do you still seem to get repeatedly infected regardless of how often you make malware removals? It’s enough of the reactive protection! The old way What would usually happen when a server […]

Release notes New Feature is Available: FTP CAPTCHA

We’d like to start this year with a great announcement. Our purpose is to help make your servers safe and your service reliable. Your customers’ satisfaction is as much important for us as it is for you. That’s why we created a brand-new feature in order to make BitNinja more convenient for your users. This […]

Release notes New LogAnalysis with 109x speed

New LogAnalysis with 109x speed The former version of SenseLog (which serves our robust LogAnalysis module) has processed the files at the start and observed them if there were any changes in them. It has used a lot of sources for the dates in the log rows. In this version it was necessary because SenseLog […]

Release notes HTTP/2 support with BitNinja WAF 2.0

HTTP/2 support with BitNinja WAF 2.0 The version of bitninja-ssl-termination 1.1.0, which is practically a HAProxy (1.8.9), can handle HTTP2 connections. It will be installed automatically by BitNinja (v 1.20.10) and it will reconfigure the configs for HTTP/2. It only affects the HTTPS connections. HTTP2 over TLS (h2) is supported by all of the modern […]

Release notes A more manageable Dashboard

Imagine Andrew, who has many servers. He doesn’t want sleepless nights worrying about hacker and bot attacks, that’s why he uses BitNinja. His servers are very important to him, so he likes checking up on how BitNinja working on them. Andrew logs into the Dashboard every day, and a few weeks ago, realised that there […]

Release notes New improvements at BitNinja - HTTPS solution

In this article, we would like to summarize our recently released developments, which impact the daily life of our clients. First of all, ... TheHTTPS Captcha: If you enable this feature in your agent, BitNinja will be able to present a Captcha on HTTPS. This will make the IP removal from our greylist possible just […]

Release notes 1.16.1 Version-645% performance improvement for SenseLog

This week we released a new version of BitNinja, which contains many significant performance improvements. But what are the changes exactly? We limited the SS usage of our Outbound WAF module. It will only use SS if a malicious request is caught. Its result will be a significant drop in BitNinja's CPU usage. Our SenseLog […]

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