Quarter in Review Through Malware Statistics

As we close another quarter in 2024, we would like to share some exciting numbers with you, especially our malware statistics. These numbers aren't just stats; they're proof of how hard we work to keep the internet a safer place for everyone. Let’s dive in and see exactly what our Threat Management team has achieved.

Fighting Off Web Attacks

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) has been busier than ever. With 326 rules set up to catch bad guys, we've stopped a whopping 343,470 incidents on average per week and a total of more than 4 million. And guess what? The false positive rate is almost invisible, at an average of only 0.01%, which we can freely consider zero.

The Malware Hunt

We caught and stopped 3,446,165 malware attempts in one week alone. In total, more than 32 million malicious software were stopped by us. Even when reinfector malware tried to make a comeback, we were there to stop it, with over 1.5 million reinfections blocked weekly. Our team worked around the clock, making sure these malware threats didn't stand a chance to harm your digital space over again.

Emails and Spams Under Control

We all hate spam and phishing emails, right? This quarter, we scanned millions of emails for bad content. In the first week, for example, we looked at 2,129,523 emails and found 943,499 were not harmful, which means we filtered out a lot of junk! If we look at the whole quarter, we speak about over 35 million email checks, and only half were safe. Clearly, our tools ensured email security by blocking spam and preventing blocklisting while providing key insights through AI-powered analysis.

Blocking the Bad Traffic

Our IP blocklist was a superhero this quarter, blocking countless threats from reaching your digital doorstep. For instance, we identified and blocked thousands of suspicious IP addresses, preventing potential cyber-attacks. This invisible shield works 24/7 to ensure that only trusted visitors can access your sites.


So, when we talk about blocking "countless threats," here's a bit of what that looked like.It means that because of our vigilance, the internet was a much safer place this quarter. Every number represents a victory in our continuous battle against cyber threats. We blocked millions of malware attacks, stopped hundreds of thousands of web attacks, and kept a lot of spam out of your inboxes. By doing so, we effectively reduced the risk of intrusion, keeping your operations smooth and secure.

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