Sneak Peek into Our 2024 Security Innovations: Join Our Roadmap Webinar

We're preparing for CloudFest by bringing a suite of new developments and innovations. But if you can't join us or can't contain your excitement, we've got something special for you.

Why wait when you can be among the first to dive into our latest cyber security solutions?

Join us at our exclusive webinar on March 13 at 4 PM (CET) for a thrilling sneak peek into what we're unveiling at CloudFest. But that's not all – this webinar is your chance to not just learn about our innovations but also to engage directly with the minds behind them. You'll get the unique opportunity to ask your burning questions to our CEO and other experts in a live Q&A session.

What's on the Agenda?

AI-Powered Outbound Spam Detection Spam
We use to enhance email security by blocking spam, preventing blocklisting, and offering key insights to protect your reputation.

AI Cloud Malware Scanning
With our cutting-edge AI technology and Supercomputer power for faster and more efficient malware detection and swift zero-day threat identification.

Simplified Cloud Configuration
We're making server settings a breeze, ensuring they're more accessible and user-friendly for sysadmins.

Enhanced API Access
Allows for easy integration of security features into applications, accessible with Swagger documentation and secured by BitNinja credentials or a license key.

2024 Roadmap Sneak Peek

This tool aims to fix security flaws in outdated software versions on websites, which is especially helpful for shared hosting environments with numerous legacy vulnerabilities. By proactively patching these weaknesses before they're exploited, we offer a strong defense against new threats.

WAF 3.0
Our WAF 3.0 is set to revolutionize protection for CMS users everywhere, from WordPress enthusiasts to Joomla fans. Moving from NGINX and HaProxy to Caddy, and bringing in a Golang-based ModSecurity, this update is set to be quicker, more efficient, and lighter, significantly boosting our defense network.

Beyond Q1
The journey doesn't end there! Look forward to ProcessAnalysis module, AI-driven WordPress security enhancements, groundbreaking AI Malware Classification, the Golang Malware Engine, OpenLiteSpeed integration, and a PHP Security Extension.

Why This Webinar Is a Must-Attend 

This is more than just getting a front-row seat to our latest innovations. It's about engaging, questioning, and understanding the future of cybersecurity directly from the source. Whether you aim to enhance your security strategy or are keen to keep ahead of the cyber curve, this session is your gateway to the knowledge and solutions you need.

So, gear up to join us on this exciting journey. Register now and be part of an event that's set to redefine server security in 2024.

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