Heading to CloudFest: Our Guide to Must-See Agenda and Speeches!

As we gear up for CloudFest's 20th anniversary next week, we're excited to share with you the highlights of the event's agenda and the speeches we're most looking forward to. This milestone event has always been a melting pot of ideas, collaborations, and breakthroughs, and this year, as we celebrate two decades of innovation and community, we're all in to make it even more memorable.

A Meeting of Minds and Ideas

At BitNinja, we believe in the power of connection. CloudFest provides the perfect backdrop for us to meet with our valued partners and peers in the industry. But it's not just about the handshakes and hellos. We're also keenly looking forward to the engaging and thought-provoking talks on the agenda. CloudFest's lineup of discussions promises to be as illuminating as essential.

Cybersecurity in the Spotlight

Reflecting on last year, our CEO's participation in panel discussions on WordPress security was a highlight. This year, we're eager to immerse ourselves in loads of topics around cybersecurity. Integrating AI and machine learning is a game-changer, challenging us to devise robust defenses. As AI-generated threats become more prevalent, our AI-powered malware scanner and other solutions are more crucial than ever. Furthermore, the shift towards securing cloud-native environments remains a top priority, with our focus sharpened on cloud configuration and cloud scanning solutions.

Talks we are waiting for on this topic:

- March 18 (Mon) 15:20 - 16:00, La Scala: “WordPress and WebPros: Elevating UX and Fortifying Security in the WordPress Universe” by Adan Wien, Product Manager at WebPros, Andrei Kugaevskii, Product Manager at WebPros

- March 20 (Mon) 09:30 - 09:40, Dome stage: “Welcome Session: Security is Not a Check-Box” by Soeren von Varchmin, Chairman of the Advisory Board at CloudFest

Christian Jaeger, CEO at CloudFest

- March 21 (Thurs) 10:30 - 10:40, Dome Stage: "Efficient and Secure Cloud Datacentre Solutions" by Alexander Troshin, Product Marketing Manager – EMEA, Enterprise and HPC Server Business Unit, AMD.

AI: The Frontier of Innovation

AI is not just a topic of discussion; it's the backbone of innovation in many sectors, including cybersecurity. We're witnessing a surge in businesses employing generative AI across their cloud networks to enhance efficiency. AI's capabilities extend far beyond automating everyday tasks to providing critical insights and solutions in real-time. As AI technologies evolve, their application in data centers, cloud networks, and cybersecurity strategies becomes even more integral.

Talks we are waiting for on this topic:

- March 18 (Mon) 16:30 - 17:00, La Scala: “Generative WordPress: Evolving with AI” by Miriam Schwab, Head of WordPress Relations at Elementor, Sujay Pawar, CEO at Brainstorm Force, Jesse Friedman, Head of WP Cloud at Automattic, Chris Lubkert, Co-Founder at Extendify, Jonathan Wold (Moderator), CEO at Guildenberg, Inc

- March 19 (Tue) 09:45-10:15, Dome Stage: "How to Make AI Everywhere a Reality" by Stephan Gillich, Head of EMEA AI Centre of Excellence, Intel.

- March 19 (Tue) 12:30-12:40, Dome Stage: "Emergence of a New Era: AI, Gen AI, and Metaverse Reshaping the Cloud" by Dr. Valerio Rizzo, EMEA AI Business Lead at Lenovo

- March 19 (Tue) 17:05-17:25, Dome Stage: "The Influence of AI in Hosting" by Jan Löffler, CTO at WebPros

WordPress: Beyond Security, Embracing the Future

WordPress remains an evergreen topic within the tech community. Not solely for its security aspects but also for its future potential. As the platform evolves, so do the conversations surrounding it, extending beyond vulnerabilities to its robust ecosystem, flexibility, and adaptability in facing the future of digital experiences. This year at CloudFest, we're particularly excited about discussions that address WordPress security and explore its expansive future.

March 18th is dedicated entirely to WordPress, but we've handpicked some talks:

- March 18 (Mon) 13:10 - 13:40, La Scala: “Can WordPress Save The Hosting Industry?

” by Kevin Ohashi, CEO of Review Signal

- March 18 (Mon) 13:40 - 14:00, La Scala: “WordPress by Numbers

” by Jan Löffler, CTO at WebPros

Join Us at Our Booth!

We're thrilled to invite you to the BitNinja booth at CloudFest—booth R33, just like last year! Our mission is clear: to arm our partners with the technology needed to counter AI-generated threats effectively. With special offers, amazing goodies, and a chance to win a substantial gift, our booth is the place to be. Discover how the right cybersecurity technology can be your most potent ally in the digital realm!

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