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Trending 10 Best Tech Conferences for Web Hosting Companies

Why should you visit tech conferences? As our world is changing quickly, new types of technologies are constantly being made. To keep up with the rapid pace of the technology changes and to learn more about the most advanced solutions, we highly recommend everyone to visit at least 1 tech conference every year. Fortunately, there […]

Security analysis 2019 Highlights – A Great Year at BitNinja

As 2019 will be over soon, it’s time to stop for a while and look back on what happened this year. 2019 was a unique year at BitNinja (you’ll see on the results). We got closer to our mission – making the internet a safer place. However, we couldn’t have reached the successes mentioned below […]

Events BitNinja at #webpros2019

We were proud to be sponsoring Webpros Summit 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. Built on the previous success of the annual cPanel Conference, this year WebPros brands (cPanel, Plesk, SolusVM and Xovi) brought Webpros Summit to life, a highly technical conference with the best professionals and the best networking events in the industry. To bring the web hosting […]

Threat lab Old IoT Botnet has been Revived

The “Hello, Peppa!” botnet and the /ept/out.php vulnerability were newly discovered attacks by our Attack Vector Miner. But now, it has recognized the reactivation of a forgotten IoT botnet. This botnet exploits the D-Link router DSL-2750B  remote command execution. What does the attack look like?  The discovered pattern is the /login.cgi?cli= as you can see below:  In the case of the D-Link router DSL-2750B firmware 1.01 to 1.03, there’s an option for remote command […]

Trending Kevin Mitnick the most famous hacker

Where it all began Kevin David Mitnick is one of the most famous hackers. At age 13 Mitnick used dumpster dicing and social engineering to bypass the bus ticketing system in Los Angeles, this way he was able to ride the LA area using unused transfer slips. First big step His first unauthorized access to […]

Events Will our toys break us?

CloudFest 2018 – The Security Panel Attending at Cloudfest (formerly known as WHD.Global) is always the highlight of the year event-wise. Catching up with our partners, having lively debates about new technologies and learning from industry leaders are things we always go for. As our ninjas attended in incognito this time – only as attendees, […]

Trending Describe your infrastructure as code

As we promised before, our article series inspired by V-day is continuing. Those who are provisioning servers day by day, certainly have some doubts about their process: being time-consuming, non-repeatable, hard to test or simply just something is going wrong in the existing infrastructure during the provisioning. There are opportunities to test failover or rollback processes, […]

Events Software-defined storage pool

At Virtualization Day 2017 in Budapest, Hungary, we saw pretty good presentations about a different type of virtualizations and architecture concepts. In forenoon, Gergely Rab from Dell have shown us some very useful tools and solutions for software-defined storage architecture. One of these products is ScaleIO, which utilizes standard x86 servers and Ethernet network. In a […]

Events Ninjas @ WHD global 2017

A part of our Ninjastic Team participated in WHD Global in Rust, Germany for the second time. We gained a lot of experience, made new friends, learned about the trends of our industry and broadened our customer base. If you want to see the exhibition through the Ninjas' eyes, read on. The WHD staff really […]

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