Other A Remodeled Blazing Fast Malware Scanner Has Arrived

Our cutting-edge malware scanner was already considered outstanding on the market. However, thanks to the new development, users can now scan their servers up to 90% faster than before. This means you can catch even more malicious software in a timely manner, including the latest threats.  How does the new functionality work? The remodeled scanner […]

Security analysis 2019 Highlights – A Great Year at BitNinja

As 2019 will be over soon, it’s time to stop for a while and look back on what happened this year. 2019 was a unique year at BitNinja (you’ll see on the results). We got closer to our mission – making the internet a safer place. However, we couldn’t have reached the successes mentioned below […]

Threat lab Satori IoT Botnet Stopped by BitNinja

Our Port Honeypot module proactively catches botnets very quickly, as botnets usually start to scan open ports, which is the first step of the attack cycle. We found an old IoT botnet that became active again. It strangely happened just 2 months after 21-year-old Kenneth Schuchman pleaded guilty to developing and deploying the Satori botnet. […]

Release notes Black & Whitelist Management by ASN

Industry-first feature is available in BitNinja! We are happy to announce that the brand-new ASN white/blacklist option is out now. This development was requested by our users and we are so thankful that our partners are inspiring us to create such special features, which are only available in BitNinja. What does ASN mean? An autonomous […]

Release notes Teamwork makes the dream work: Sub-users and their roles

Not everyone uses the BitNinja Dashboard for the same reasons when doing their work. We know that. Which is why we have different sub-user roles built into our Dashboard. Why do you need sub-user roles? If you need your accountant to download your subscriptions’ invoices without sharing your BitNinja account's login details, and if you […]

Release notes Two-Factor Authentication is Available now

Which sentence do you think is true? I have a strong password, so nobody could hack my account. My servers’ security is so important, which is why I have to do the most to avoid hackers gaining access to my BitNinja account. If you are one of those, who agree with the second sentence, then […]

Release notes Release note – A bunch of new features are available in agent 1.29.X and 1.30.0

Where are our tech ninjas? The first quarter of 2019 was quite stirring. We have also published several articles about our work. So, let’s start just by thinking about these developments: FTP CAPTCHA New SenseLog rules Newly discovered file uploader botnet Patched Drupal vulnerability Defense Robot Anti-Phishing Also, what happened in Q2? Malware Scanner Slack […]

Release notes Slack Integration - Create your own BitNinja alerts

Back in October, we collected your feedback about our upcoming chat integration. As 59% of you asked for notification options for Slack to ease your daily job, we started working on that soon and here we come with the result. We're happy to announce BitNinja's Slack integration! We know every team works with a handful […]

Trending WordPress Hosting Protected by BitNinja - Case Study with Mijn Websitehosting

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS today. However, this popularity has an unfortunate side effect of also making WordPress sites extremely exposed to potential attacks. It means quite a huge challenge to web hosting providers to keep the hackers out of their business. Fortunately, this task is not impossible. https://kinsta.com Our great partner, Mijn […]

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