New improvements at BitNinja - HTTPS solution

In this article, we would like to summarize our recently released developments, which impact the daily life of our clients.

First of all, ...

TheHTTPS Captcha:

If you enable this feature in your agent, BitNinja will be able to present a Captcha on HTTPS. This will make the IP removal from our greylist possible just by one click not only on HTTP protocol but also on HTTPS. What results can be achieved by using it?

  • Less complaint from your customers about the failure of removal, resulting in a lower load on your support staff
  • Lower false-positive rate

How does it work?
The duty of this module is to offload https connections and help ourCaptchaHttp module to work properly with https requests. If you enable SslTerminating on the Dashboard under the Modules menu, it will download and install our self-built HAProxy.

We decided to build and publish our own HAProxy, because it will not depend on official repositories, and it will not interfere with other HAProxy installations and configurations. After the successful installation, it will find currently active virtual hosts which use https and extract any information which can be used to generate haproxy.cfg. The module is responsible for collecting and generating pem files every 5 minutes, which can be used by bitninja-ssl-termination to offload https requests.
Secondly, ...

Our IP Manager Menu is now available for the users with Free version:

What can you do there?

  • black/whitelist IP ranges
  • black/whitelist countries

And thirdly, ...

A release note on version 1.16.3:

  • Plesk Log (/var/www/vhosts/system/*/logs/access_log) route added to SenseLog.

Plesk is getting increasingly popular nowadays, so if you are already using it, this change will be important to you. Plesk places the apache logs to /var/www/vhosts/system/*/logs/access_log. From now our Log Analysis module will automatically pick up those log files and analyse them.
One more quick note about Plesk. Let me announce, that Plesk integration will be developed in this quarter, so Plesk users will easily reach BitNinja on the extension list soon.

  • PortHoneypot bugfix

P.S. Stay tuned 🙂 One of our biggest projects is nearly finished and you will receive a more user-friendly and compact server page on the Dashboard soon.

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