The Guardians of the Cyberspace: The Team that Made Us the Leaders in Server Security

Effective threat management is necessary for a stable and secure digital environment in server security. At BitNinja, we understand the importance of this component and have implemented a proficient Threat Management Team to keep our system impervious to harmful incursions. This team's consistent efforts have made BitNinja a more potent server security platform.

Our Threat Management Team handles several core responsibilities that contribute to making BitNinja a leader in server security:

1. Malware Hunting

Our team tirelessly works on maintaining a minimal list of potential malware, contributing to a safer server environment. Our approach is proactive, ensuring a fast response to any emerging threats.

2. YARA Malware Signature Writing

As per the requirements, our team writes YARA malware signatures. This aids in the detection of malware, boosting our overall server security.

3. Global Validating List

We strive to minimize the global validating list, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience. This process involves constant scrutiny of various networks, users, and applications to validate their safety.

4. Expanding WAF Rule Set

Continuous expansion of our Web Application Firewall (WAF) ruleset is another critical task of our team. It ensures the protection of web applications from common exploits and vulnerabilities.

Recent Achievements

Our team's persistent efforts have yielded outstanding results, reinforcing BitNinja as a secure platform. Recently, we achieved a significant milestone in our operations, recording a week where the majority of WAF module incidents were genuine threats rather than false positives. This marked an all-time high for us in terms of the volume and the proportion of incidents since our Threat Management Team began tracking these metrics.

The reduction in false positives can be attributed to the refinement of our OWASP rule 921150. When this rule was launched, the aim was to keep false positives within the 600-700 range, which we are gradually achieving.

Regarding WAF and malware reinfection, we recently released nine WAF rules. Eight of these were developed to handle payloads sent by reinfecting malware, while the eighth served as an auxiliary rule. Initially, we released these rules to test their functionality and evaluate their impact on malware reinfection. This process resulted in about four thousand incidents and implicated more than 50 IPs with at least five incidents per rule. The data suggest that WAF rule 409006, in conjunction with the related malware incidents, is significantly enhancing our security.

Furthermore, our weekly stats showed a substantial drop in malware catches (from 4M to 2.5M) and reinfection numbers (from 3.3M to 2M). 


Just like the Guardians of the Galaxy navigate the cosmos, safeguarding the universe from threats, our Threat Management Team leads the way in the digital universe, fortifying our server security platform. We manage potential threats effectively, continuously refine our strategies, and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape. In this mission of cybersecurity, our team is the Guardians of the Cyberspace, committed to maintaining and enhancing the security for our users, ensuring their safe and secure online journey. 

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