We Proudly Announce a New Partnership with Linode

We proudly announce that we have set a long-term partnership with Linode in motion. So from now on, BitNinja will be available as a featured security product for users in the Linode marketplace. We have made it possible for more users to simplify their cybersecurity and gain access to automated control, visibility, and flexibility.

Over the past few months, we have worked hard with Linode to fully integrate Server Security into the Linode system. We have put in a huge effort as we both believe that security should be a top priority for anyone running services in the cloud. The result is an all-in-one, easy-to-use cybersecurity tool tailored to server owners.

The common ground: preventive attitude

Linode is an IaaS provider/cloud hosting company with over a 1 million customer base. They do not just make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible, but cybersecurity also ranks high on their priority list. They are “methodically paranoid” about protecting their assets and keeping customers’ servers always available, which is a smart perspective, as preventive attitudes and strategies provide the upper hand in the cybersecurity landscape. 

Security: the competitive differentiator

We believe that there is immense value in building strategic partnerships as it helps to deliver the greatest value to all stakeholders. 

In the last few years, security is seen more and more as a competitive differentiator in the hosting provider industry. This situation is a challenge for providers as customers are holding higher and higher standards for the functioning of their critical infrastructures. However, it also presents an opportunity to deliver great value and further enable the business potential of customers. 

Choosing to implement a security solution from a vendor is a smart move: you can outsource burdensome challenges that are especially hard to monetize and a strategic partnership with the right vendor will also increase your bottom-line profit.

Making the internet a safer place together

Our mission is simple, yet ambitious: to make the internet a safer place together. We are a team specialized in security, and we dedicate 100% of our time to this mission.  George Egri, the CEO, and founder of BitNinja said:

“Cooperating with Linode is a great opportunity for both of us. We can defend more servers with our system, and with every new server, our Defense Network grows stronger and more powerful, as we use a special crowdsourcing method. This kind of synergistic effect provides high value for every participant and to the whole of the internet.”

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