BitNinja was one of the VIP sponsors of WebPros APAC day in Singapore

We grab all opportunities to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity.

WebPros APAC Day, on the 16th of November, was the last event that we attended this year at the Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore, as one of the main sponsors. The event aimed to bring together experts from the hosting industry and provide them with an opportunity to network and share their ideas. The slogan of this occasion was Beyond the Panel. Connecting to the main theme, our CEO, George Egri, gave a speech titled: Server Protection and Beyond. As one of the main factors in the server security industry, we feel it's our responsibility to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity.

For this reason, George started his speech by informing the audience about the primary motivations of hackers. Most people would think that there is always a financial drive behind every attack. Still, quite a significant percentage of them happen because of other reasons, such as competition, offense, or certainty. 

Moving forward, the topic was the customers' needs and requirements towards their hosting providers. Customers are looking for hosting providers who can offer them high availability so they do not have to worry about their site suddenly crashing and losing valuable data. George explained to the audience the importance of server security in delivering solutions to these demands. As such, a hosting provider should always strive for proactive strategies over reactive ones when selecting a cybersecurity strategy. 

He finished his speech by pointing out how we can help meet these customer requests and how hosting providers can reach their goals, such as high availability, outstanding reputation, low page load, happy customers, and all this, of course, for less cost. 

BitNinja at WebPros APAC Day


These events always provide a great opportunity to spread the word about cybersecurity's importance. And although that was the last event we attended this year, it was not the last one we organized. BitNinja is holding an online webinar for VPS providers on the 13th of December. Furthermore, we are looking forward to continued success in educating people about the importance of keeping their businesses safe online. Therefore, we have already started preparing for the next Cloudfest in March 2023 with new features and fascinating developments, such as our remodeled, super-fast malware scanner. 

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