Welcoming Ease and Clarity: Unveiling Our Updated Linux Malware Scanner Dashboard

Here at BitNinja, we are all about optimizing your experience to ensure seamless interaction with our services. We are excited to share our updated Linux malware scanner dashboard, a result of meticulous and professional iteration processes. This improvement is built on profound UX expertise, comprehensive session analyses, and insightful user interviews. Our proactive approach shows our deep commitment to enhancing user interaction, ensuring that every update we make is well-considered and user-centric. The renewed screen is more intuitive, user-friendly, and helps you keep track easily, while BitNinja works quietly in the background to safeguard your servers while you focus on what matters the most.

What’s New?

1. Customizable Time Frames on Charts:

   You can now change the time frames on charts to view the desired duration, more conveniently.

2. Improved Chart Design:

   We have polished up the charts to offer more clarity and a superior user experience.

3. Two New Additions of Charts:

   - Most Infected Servers: Showing a column for each server, highlighting the top 5.

   - Most Infected Users: Works the same way, making it easy to see who has been hit the most.

4. Accessible Infected Files Section:

   - Check up to 90 days of data, while it is more accessible than before with custom time intervals.

   - You can also download this data in CSV format, and even get detailed file info in JSON format.

5. Smart Refresh:

Refreshing the charts recalculates the time interval, displaying data accordingly.

6. Successful Malware Scan:

  This renewed design shows and highlights the discoveries and the undertaken actions on detected malware.

7. Consistent Timezone Setting:

  Set the timezone once, ensuring accuracy and consistency on the respective page, keeping things simple and consistent.

8. Increased Responsiveness:

Improved design ensures seamless navigation on both desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Importance of Continuous Refinement

We believe in constantly improving and making things better for our users.
Keeping our dashboard up-to-date and easy to use means you can spend more time on your work and less time worrying about server security. A clear and simple interface lets BitNinja work effectively in the background, keeping your servers safe from online threats.

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Innovating beyond UX

While our commitment to user experience is evident in the visual and interactive enhancements, our innovations extend far beyond just the aesthetics and ease of use. We are constantly developing the function of the Linux malware scanner itself. Employing AI technologies, we ensure our scanner is always learning, evolving, and improving in detecting and cleaning malware more effectively. This assures our users that is not only user-friendly but also technologically advanced and reliable, staying ahead of cyber threats.


Our redesigned malware screen is not just a simple makeover. It is about aiming to provide clearer insights and a more streamlined user experience. With the new features and a more straightforward approach, BitNinja continues to work behind the scenes, keeping your servers secure.

We remain committed to offering a simple, effective, and user-friendly environment so you can manage your security effortlessly.

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