Release notes Automated Package Management, New Malware Signature and More in BitNinja 3.10.18-19

Latest Enhancements: User Counter This update resolves previous inaccuracies, now providing users with more accurate feedback on the number of active participants in the system. SpamDetection We have resolved an issue that previously prevented the SpamDetection service from shutting down properly. This fix ensures that the feature can now be deactivated smoothly without generating errors. […]

News Customer Experiences: The Success of BitNinja with Enhance Control Panel

We are delighted to share the resounding success of the BitNinja integration with the Enhance control panel (UI integration will be available at a later date), highlighted by the enthusiastic feedback from our users. This collaboration has brought forth a unique server security solution that not only enhances security but also integrates seamlessly with the […]

Release notes Optimizing Security Operations in BitNinja Version 3.10.17

BitNinja 3.10.17 introduces upgrades to enhance operational efficiency and reliability, including newly implemented Agent synchronization logic, refined IP filter rules. Latest Enhancements: MalwareDetection Module Enhanced We have addressed a bug that led to time zone mismatches, so this change will enhance the accuracy of malware detection activities across different geographical locations. IpFilter module adjustment We […]

Release notes Enhanced Stability and Efficiency in BitNinja Version 3.10.16

Configuration setting updates - default and recommended values, MalwareDetection new config option, IP rule management for even more reliable and smoother operation in our new BitNinja versions (3.10.16) Setting Minimum and Maximum Values in Config To enhance system performance and stability, we have updated some default and recommended values. This adjustment ensures that all configurations […]

News AI Patch Management Module - Available on UI

Here at BitNinja, we always strive to offer innovative solutions that not only enhance server security but also minimize resource usage. We're excited to introduce our latest feature, the AI-powered Patch Manager module. THE IMPORTANCE OF VIRTUAL PATCHING In the world of content management systems (CMS) - like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal -, new vulnerabilities […]

Release notes Threat lab Massive CVE-vulnerabilities patched in BitNinja 3.10.15

Serious CVE-vulnerabilities got patched in our new release, so your hosted websites will be secured against various plugin vulnerabilities after updating your BitNinja agent. Patch Management updates 10 CVE-vulnerabilities were added to our data collection across various WordPress plugins. Let’s see them in detail: 1.Vulnerability: CVE-2023-6985Affected plugin: 10Web AI Assistant – AI content writing assistant […]

Release notes Patched WP-Core XSS vulnerability - BitNinja 3.10.14

Heavy WordPress core cross-site scripting vulnerability got patched by BitNinja’s AI File Patcher module with our latest release. This massive vulnerability - fixed in WP 6.5.2 exists in WP 6.4.4 - affects millions of websites and we recommend not to wait for the website owners to do this CMS update. You can fix this easily […]

News Threat lab Defending a Million WordPress Sites Against a High-Risk Vulnerability

Our Threat Management team was on the spot again, working tirelessly to enhance the security of over one million WordPress sites. Recently, they developed a new WAF (Web Application Firewall) rule designed to fend off a particularly dangerous threat. This effort is part of our ongoing commitment to safeguard the web's most favored CMS from […]

News OpenLiteSpeed Integration: Speed Meets Security

We have just released an exciting update! We have integrated native support for OpenLiteSpeed into our agent, joining Apache, Nginx, and LiteSpeed in the ranks.  This means our users can enjoy faster, more secure websites, thanks to the smart combination of BitNinja's security features and OpenLiteSpeed's quick web serving capabilities. OpenLiteSpeed: Its Rising Popularity  Let's […]

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