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Threat lab Trending Wednesday V5.5 Keeps the World in Terror, but BitNinja Protects You

Malware is a constant threat to the security of websites and servers. In this article, we will discuss version 5.5 of a well-known malware family that has been causing incidents on the servers we protect since the summer of 2022. We called this Wednesday V5.5, and you will see later why. The main version 4 […]

Release notes Award-winning Anti-Malware System and New Reselling Option

At the end of the last year, we made several goals for this quarter. One of them was to develop the best malware detection module in the world. In the previous release note, you could read about it in-depth how we started it. Now we will give you some information about this project to keep you up-to-date. Our new product, the SiteProtection, has launched, and you will be able to skyrocket your profit with it!

Threat lab Malware Detection Vulnerability Patch

[et_pb_section admin_label="section"] [et_pb_row admin_label="row"] [et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Text"] security researchers identified a vulnerability in the BitNinja MalwareDetection module. The vulnerability is a symlink attack, allowing a remote attacker to delete root-owned files caused by a race condition in the quarantining process. We have already patched the vulnerability by implementing the k-race algorithm and changing the […]

Other Release Note - Upgraded Malware Detection System

As Truman Fisher, the famous American composer, said: “The pause is as important as the note.” So we paused at the end of the year and took a little break. But we didn’t stop thinking about how to make the Internet a safer place next year. We came back from the Christmas holiday fully charged, […]

Other Detective Defense Robot

The Defense Robot in the previous versions blocked the IP address of the uploader and it also replaced the detected malware with a web honeypot, so even if the hacker tried to access the malware or backdoor from another IP address they would be still blocked.  That’s right, BitNinja’s Defense Robot module can automatically find […]

Other Channel in extra profit with a VPS security add-on

Scale up your money-making potential with the first multi-layered security system, optimized for small virtual servers. Resell BitNinja to managed and unmanaged VPS’, and build up your profit machine in a week to channel in extra revenue from your existing market. No matter if you are a Managed Service Provider, VPS Hosting company or Digital […]

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