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Security analysis Suspect BitNinja behind the increased server load?

As you know, providing all-in-one server security, BitNinja protects 3000+ Linux web servers worldwide, capturing 100 million incidents a month and keeping 1.7 million suspicious IP addresses in its blocklists to protect you and your customers. Mixing that up with custom infrastructures, configurations, and software in each sometimes leads to a high load on the server. Despite […]

Threat lab Meltdown and Spectre attacks

A new class of side-channel attacks have been appeared, which exploit the following CPU vulnerabilities: CVE-2017-5715 : branch target injection CVE-2017-5753 : bounds check bypass CVE-2017-5754 : rogue data cache load Meltdown and Spectre rely on them and allow the hackers to read the memory content of other programs, it means they can access the […]

Trending Castle Vs Airport Model in security

Apart from changing the way we live, this virtual connectivity has exposed us to an array of attacks. Cyber risks are a growing concern in virtually every aspect of our lives. The integration of technology into our everyday tasks has paved way for more efficient work performance yet left us vulnerable to many cyber-attacks. To […]

Security analysis High Availability

In computer science, the term of availability is used to describe the period of time when a service is available. High availability is a quality of a system that assures high-level performance for a given period of time. The main goal of high availability is to eliminate the Single Point of Failures (SPoF) in your infrastructure. To […]

Release notes 1.16.1 Version-645% performance improvement for SenseLog

This week we released a new version of BitNinja, which contains many significant performance improvements. But what are the changes exactly? We limited the SS usage of our Outbound WAF module. It will only use SS if a malicious request is caught. Its result will be a significant drop in BitNinja's CPU usage. Our SenseLog […]

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