Threat lab Satori IoT Botnet Stopped by BitNinja

Our Port Honeypot module proactively catches botnets very quickly, as botnets usually start to scan open ports, which is the first step of the attack cycle. We found an old IoT botnet that became active again. It strangely happened just 2 months after 21-year-old Kenneth Schuchman pleaded guilty to developing and deploying the Satori botnet. […]

Release notes Attack Vector Miner – AI Technology for Detecting Zero-Day Attacks

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is spreading quickly in many industries, and we can gladly announce the Attack Vector Miner, one of our latest developments based on AI. But before we tell you more about that, let’s get a bit more familiar with AI. If you’re an AI expert, know everything about it, and are only curious […]

Events Will our toys break us?

CloudFest 2018 – The Security Panel Attending at Cloudfest (formerly known as WHD.Global) is always the highlight of the year event-wise. Catching up with our partners, having lively debates about new technologies and learning from industry leaders are things we always go for. As our ninjas attended in incognito this time – only as attendees, […]

Events Our user greylisting feature is one year old
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