Trending Case Study - The Best Security Solution for Valicom Net Cloud Services

Valicom Net is a Cloud Hosting Company in Cyprus with more than 15 years of experience specializing in Business Web Hosting, Cloud Services, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Hosted Exchange, Web Development with Content Management System, Network Security, Antispam Services, Online Storage Email & Remote Backup. Challenges „As we offer managed and unmanaged services, the […]

Trending Case Study - DDoS Problems Solved at ISO Certified IT Company

Aitire is a small MSP (Managed Service Provider) company located in Spain. They have more than 10 years of experience in computer consulting, Free Software, Open Source, GNU / Linux, etc… They aspire every day to maximize their technology and provide the best tools to their clients. Challenges „We usually work with rpm based Linux […]

Trending BitNinja in the Asia Pacific region - Case Study with ReadySpace

ReadySpace was founded in 2003 and is based in Singapore. They provide cloud-based solutions to their 150,000 customers, mainly from the Asia Pacific region. They are now expanding to the Philippines and Indonesia, and since 2013 started to open towards American businesses. Challenges They were experiencing the harmful effects of heavy DoS attacks mainly, which […]

Trending Case study - Swiss Web Hosting Company Protected by BitNinja

Ganesh Hosting is one of our oldest customers, who are with us from the very beginning. A few years ago, we asked them about their experience and created this case study. It was available only for our reseller partners but now we would like to share it with the publicity. The company Ganesh Hosting is […]

Trending Case study - 2000 Website Owners Protected by BitNinja at Beebyte Hosting

Hacked websites? Outdated WordPress versions? Complaining customers? These painful problems cause daily headaches for many web hosting companies out there. We've heard a lot of bad stories from our partners about these memories. We are happy to say that we can welcome a new member to our Ninja Community who can forget about the above-mentioned […]

Trending WordPress Hosting Protected by BitNinja - Case Study with Mijn Websitehosting

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS today. However, this popularity has an unfortunate side effect of also making WordPress sites extremely exposed to potential attacks. It means quite a huge challenge to web hosting providers to keep the hackers out of their business. Fortunately, this task is not impossible. Our great partner, Mijn […]

Trending Case Study - How BitNinja Supports Dreamscape Networks’ Mission

A few years ago, our web hosting company experienced heavy difficulties with the different kinds of cyberattacks. The things became so bad that we started to lose customers because they obviously perceived the consequences of the vulnerable servers. We couldn’t bear it anymore and decided to take over the control of the cyberwar. That’s how […]

Events Will our toys break us?

CloudFest 2018 – The Security Panel Attending at Cloudfest (formerly known as WHD.Global) is always the highlight of the year event-wise. Catching up with our partners, having lively debates about new technologies and learning from industry leaders are things we always go for. As our ninjas attended in incognito this time – only as attendees, […]

Trending Shared hosting provider with 7,000 customers had 0 infections over the past 7 days

Our Hungarian web hosting partner, had ZERO website infections – since enabling BitNinja’s new WAF 2.0 module. We caught up with the lead sysadmin to talk to him about his experience with BitNinja. What has been your experience with BitNinja overall? “Before we began using  BitNinja, we had to fight daily battles with hackers. […]

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