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Hosting Provider tips News Trending New Integration Launches: 360 Monitoring 

We are delighted to announce a recent integration launch that combines the power of BitNinja and 360 Monitoring, providing users with a comprehensive security solution with enhanced benefits.However, those who attended CloudFest may already have caught the booth talk between our CEO, George Egri, and the CTO of WebPros, Jan Löffler, about this exciting partnership […]

Trending Ultimate WAF Guide - How to patch WordPress vulnerabilities and block web attacks

An exploited CMS vulnerability or vulnerabilities to web-based attacks is a big security issue as one well-aimed attack can cause a data leak, data loss or make your server unavailable. These attacks need to be stopped before they even reach your server and the WAF 2.0 module can do that for you. This powerful defense […]

Release notes New chapter in BitNinja’s life – Version 2.0.0 is here

Did you find something new on your Dashboard? Almost 5 years ago, we announced BitNinja 1.0.0 and sooo many things happened since then. I could write a whole book if I would like to summarize the results of this period. Instead, let’s meet with the BitNinja 2.0.0! What 2.0.0 brings to you? This is the […]

Release notes Release note – A bunch of new features are available in agent 1.29.X and 1.30.0

Where are our tech ninjas? The first quarter of 2019 was quite stirring. We have also published several articles about our work. So, let’s start just by thinking about these developments: FTP CAPTCHA New SenseLog rules Newly discovered file uploader botnet Patched Drupal vulnerability Defense Robot Anti-Phishing Also, what happened in Q2? Malware Scanner Slack […]

Release notes Slack Integration - Create your own BitNinja alerts

Back in October, we collected your feedback about our upcoming chat integration. As 59% of you asked for notification options for Slack to ease your daily job, we started working on that soon and here we come with the result. We're happy to announce BitNinja's Slack integration! We know every team works with a handful […]

Release notes Using server security scanners besides BitNinja: consequences, solutions

There are tons of paid/free cloud-based solutions or standalone applications available over the internet that allow the user to check a system’s security level. Depending on the need, people can choose from simple nmap through “blackbox” security assessment tools to a wide range of heavy-weight penetration testing tools. Our approach Here at BitNinja we think […]

Events Will our toys break us?

CloudFest 2018 – The Security Panel Attending at Cloudfest (formerly known as WHD.Global) is always the highlight of the year event-wise. Catching up with our partners, having lively debates about new technologies and learning from industry leaders are things we always go for. As our ninjas attended in incognito this time – only as attendees, […]

Release notes New CloudFlare Integration

Our CloudFlare integration has been released not so long ago, giving new opportunities and more automated, flawless service to our customers. Our developers worked this project out, because many of our ninja clients use CloudFlare in parallel with our services. The aim of this article is to describe why we needed this development and also to give […]

Release notes BitNinja WHM plugin

Do you think using BitNinja can be easier than now? Yes, it can! We are happy to announce that WHM integration for BitNinja is alive. If you are a user of this WebHost Manager, monitoring BitNinja will be much easier for you with our new plugin. WHM plugin Sometimes you can feel that BitNinja’s complex […]

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