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Threat lab Joomla & vBulletin RCE vulnerabilities patched by BitNinja WAF 2.0

RCE attacks are one of the most dangerous types of attacks as hackers could take complete control of the victim’s host, meaning that they can run commands, install malware, etc. In this article, I’d like to introduce 2 new vulnerabilities, which have been patched by BitNinja WAF: vBulletin RCE Rusty Joomla RCE New botnet utilizes […]

Trending 8 Best Cybersecurity Books to Read

In our Ninja HQ, we have a library with more than 400 books. We love learning new things and we truly believe in the life-long learning approach. In this quickly changing world, keeping yourself up-to-date is essential. There are tons of books on cybersecurity, but in this article, we’d like to give you a personal […]

Trending 8 KPIs Instantly Improved by BitNinja

I was about to outline the most important conclusions - in terms of results and values that we can give, after ending the 100th user interview this month at BitNinja. Although many of our partners have been happy to see how BitNinja transformed their server security, yet they are still surprised when they experience the […]

Threat lab New Botnet Has Been Discovered – “Hello, Peppa!”

Our Attack Vector Miner (based on AI) is a very effective tool to identify 0. day attacks. Here comes the first catch! Discovery of a New Botnet At the beginning of July, our Attack Vector Miner created a new cluster, filled with logs about a new type of botnet. We perceived the first incident on […]

Security analysis BitNinja Daily Routine - How to eliminate hackers on your servers completely?

We have collected the best practices of the most successful BitNinja customers. Would you like to completely eliminate hackers on your servers? Follow this guideline to achieve the most with BitNinja and stop all hackers. The initial steps to eliminate hackers When you first install BitNinja on your server, the best you can do is […]

Events Software-defined storage pool

At Virtualization Day 2017 in Budapest, Hungary, we saw pretty good presentations about a different type of virtualizations and architecture concepts. In forenoon, Gergely Rab from Dell have shown us some very useful tools and solutions for software-defined storage architecture. One of these products is ScaleIO, which utilizes standard x86 servers and Ethernet network. In a […]

Events Our user greylisting feature is one year old
Security analysis Traffic Exchange Service- HitLeap and its consequences

Recently our support team has received questions about a highly controversial topic, a traffic exchange service, because these server owners started to receive incident reports from us about DoS attacks coming from their servers. We decided to write this blog in order to dissolve any possible concerns and doubts about BitNinja’s reaction to this service […]

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