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Threat lab Zero-day Duplicator Plugin Vulnerability – Patch it with BitNinja WAF

On 19 February 2020, Wordfence reported a highly critical vulnerability found in the popular Duplicator plugin for WordPress. This plugin is useful when users want to migrate and copy WordPress sites. With Duplicator, sysadmins can create a new copy of the site and the generated file can be downloaded from the WP dashboard. WordPress Duplicator Plugin Zero-day […]

Trending Best of 2019 – The 15 Most-Read Cybersecurity News

Hackers and cyberattack techniques are evolving every day. Hosting companies and every server owner should keep an eye on the cybersecurity news to prepare themselves and protect their systems against the new types of threats. That’s why BitNinja collects the hottest cybersecurity news and sends out a Cybersecurity Digest each month. Now, we’ve summarized the […]

Trending 5 Steps to Creating an Effective Cyber Security Policy for Employees

Technology is always evolving, and there are continuous new developments that change the spectrum of what is possible and what companies can do with technology. Because of this, cyberattacks, and therefore cybersecurity, are constantly adapting and reviewing their methods to stay on top of things. This is difficult for cybersecurity teams because technology moves so […]

Trending How malware could be affecting your business without you realising

All businesses need to be doing as much as possible to ensure that they are defended against cyber-attacks. But cyber-crime has become so sophisticated that in many cases your company could be compromised without you even realizing it. Here we take a look at some of the ways that malware could be working within your […]

Trending Five key things we can learn from this year’s cyber-attacks

The number of cyber-attacks against businesses grows every year, with 2019 likely to see record numbers already. While it is not good news that businesses continue to suffer from attacks, the number of reported incidents in the news does at least provide savvy organizations with learning opportunities to avoid making the same mistakes. Here are […]

Trending 8 Best Cybersecurity Books to Read

In our Ninja HQ, we have a library with more than 400 books. We love learning new things and we truly believe in the life-long learning approach. In this quickly changing world, keeping yourself up-to-date is essential. There are tons of books on cybersecurity, but in this article, we’d like to give you a personal […]

Release notes New security feature against phishing sites

Cybercriminals can easily attempt to break into shared hosting environments to use their resources for different types of attacks. Phishing is one of the most irritating forms, where the provider, the website owner and all of their visitors are affected. These attacks also highlight the responsibility of hosting providers, and that’s why we have just […]

Release notes New BitNinja WAF Rules to Protect Against RCE Attacks

Your server’s safety is the number one priority for us, that’s why we have created two new BitNinja WAF rules which are already part of the safe minimum ruleset. They grant protection against the following vulnerabilities: Magento Remote Execution Protection Those who are using Magento and didn't apply the patch are vulnerable to RCE (remote code […]

Security analysis The Most Famous Vulnerabilities – Remote Code Execution (RCE)

If someone wants to use a server resource or take control of the server in some way or wants to steal data, then he does it via remote code execution vulnerability. What is Remote Code Execution? This vulnerability triggers in so many ways, but in most cases, it is possible via the following methods. •Untreated […]

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