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Release notes Black & Whitelist Management by ASN

Industry-first feature is available in BitNinja! We are happy to announce that the brand-new ASN white/blacklist option is out now. This development was requested by our users and we are so thankful that our partners are inspiring us to create such special features, which are only available in BitNinja. What does ASN mean? An autonomous […]

Release notes Teamwork makes the dream work: Sub-users and their roles

Not everyone uses the BitNinja Dashboard for the same reasons when doing their work. We know that. Which is why we have different sub-user roles built into our Dashboard. Why do you need sub-user roles? If you need your accountant to download your subscriptions’ invoices without sharing your BitNinja account's login details, and if you […]

Release notes Bitninja for Plesk - New extension for Plesk users

We are happy to announce the release of our brand-new BitNinja Plesk extension. From now on, Plesk customers can get all the advantages and secure their Linux servers much easier from their Plesk panel. The BitNinja Plesk Extension gives you real-time protection against a wide range of threats without the need of any configuration and […]

Events Software-defined storage pool

At Virtualization Day 2017 in Budapest, Hungary, we saw pretty good presentations about a different type of virtualizations and architecture concepts. In forenoon, Gergely Rab from Dell have shown us some very useful tools and solutions for software-defined storage architecture. One of these products is ScaleIO, which utilizes standard x86 servers and Ethernet network. In a […]

Security analysis ServerPilot compatibility test

Lots of our users are interested in using BitNinja with ServerPilot and our team was also very curious how much compatible they are. Therefore, I have tested it and today I show you the results. 🙂 Test details Tested operating systems: Ubuntu LTS 14.04, Ubuntu LTS 16.04 The goal of this test is to check […]

Release notes Hot new feature - Goodbye CAPTCHA! Hello Browser Integrity Check!

How would you imagine a world where annoying CAPTCHAs are not the first line when it comes to identification of botnets and human visitors? Here at BitNinja we thought big and made it come true. Let us show you a security solution where the visitors with suspicious incidents in their past don't have to type anything, […]

Security analysis IP spoofing: don’t let hackers deceive you

IP address spoofing is a technique used by hackers to disguise their IP address as another IP and gain access to sensitive information or access private services on authorized networks. In some special cases, they can create IP packets that contain a false source IP address and this way hide their original address or impersonate […]

Release notes New feature on the dashboard to customize your account

We have released a brand new feature on the user dashboard, which has been highly anticipated by most of our customers, because it will greately ease their job. From now on, you can add more users to the same dashboard, who will be able to access different settings. As one of the core values of […]

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