Release notes New LogAnalysis with 109x speed

New LogAnalysis with 109x speed The former version of SenseLog (which serves our robust LogAnalysis module) has processed the files at the start and observed them if there were any changes in them. It has used a lot of sources for the dates in the log rows. In this version it was necessary because SenseLog […]

Release notes HTTP/2 support with BitNinja WAF 2.0

HTTP/2 support with BitNinja WAF 2.0 The version of bitninja-ssl-termination 1.1.0, which is practically a HAProxy (1.8.9), can handle HTTP2 connections. It will be installed automatically by BitNinja (v 1.20.10) and it will reconfigure the configs for HTTP/2. It only affects the HTTPS connections. HTTP2 over TLS (h2) is supported by all of the modern […]

Trending What is going on in the background of the cyberworld

There are things we are not really waiting for, in fact we are looking for a way to bypass or avoid them. Unfortunately, some of them are inevitable just like the Cyber Worldwar, which in fact has already begun. Mentionable acts from history There was a historical milestone on May 12th, 2017 when within only […]

Security analysis ServerPilot compatibility test

Lots of our users are interested in using BitNinja with ServerPilot and our team was also very curious how much compatible they are. Therefore, I have tested it and today I show you the results. 🙂 Test details Tested operating systems: Ubuntu LTS 14.04, Ubuntu LTS 16.04 The goal of this test is to check […]

Security analysis High Availability

In computer science, the term of availability is used to describe the period of time when a service is available. High availability is a quality of a system that assures high-level performance for a given period of time. The main goal of high availability is to eliminate the Single Point of Failures (SPoF) in your infrastructure. To […]

Release notes New improvements at BitNinja - HTTPS solution

In this article, we would like to summarize our recently released developments, which impact the daily life of our clients. First of all, ... TheHTTPS Captcha: If you enable this feature in your agent, BitNinja will be able to present a Captcha on HTTPS. This will make the IP removal from our greylist possible just […]

Security analysis The Ninjas Mount Some Docks

Building and deploying Docker – the hottest topic of every devops forum and IT blogs. We kinda had the impression before, that we won’t miss our chances with it either. Why Docker? If you are in the web hosting business, containers and Docker technology cannot be such big news for you. Docker triumphed over virtualization. […]

Release notes New CloudFlare Integration

Our CloudFlare integration has been released not so long ago, giving new opportunities and more automated, flawless service to our customers. Our developers worked this project out, because many of our ninja clients use CloudFlare in parallel with our services. The aim of this article is to describe why we needed this development and also to give […]

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