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Release notes Brand-new BitNinja WAF 2.0 is out now – open beta

Update: WAF 2.0 became mature. Wooow! Are you ready for something new? Well, we have it!  The long-awaited BitNinja WAF 2.0 beta is now here! Currently, this beta is available for everyone who has Pro or Trial license. But wait! Before you go running to our Dashboard, to switch it on … please take a […]

Trending Web Application Firewalls: Choosing the Right WAF for Server Security

Web applications pose a significant security risk to servers, and having a web application firewall (WAF) in place is vital to keeping your servers and your business running smoothly. The average web server faces thousands of attacks on a daily basis. There are a number of web application firewalls available to protect your server, and having […]

Release notes Hot new feature - Goodbye CAPTCHA! Hello Browser Integrity Check!

How would you imagine a world where annoying CAPTCHAs are not the first line when it comes to identification of botnets and human visitors? Here at BitNinja we thought big and made it come true. Let us show you a security solution where the visitors with suspicious incidents in their past don't have to type anything, […]

Release notes BitNinja WAF Beta

Our Ninja Lab is always full of fantastic ideas and improvements. Sometimes it’s an easy ride to develop a terrific feature, sometimes it takes longer to find the right recipe. Yes, you guessed well, we are talking about the web application firewall module. But thanks to our enthusiastic users’ contribution in development and to our […]

Release notes Special discounts for beta users

We are happy to announce that BitNinja launches on March 23rd! As a special thanks to our beta users, we’re having an early bird discount for everyone, installing ’till Monday, March 23rd. But first, let us say thank you for all your feedbacks, giving helphands to make BitNinja better during this intensive development stage. Showing […]

Release notes Increased server security and service value at the same time

The parent company of BitNinja is a Hungarian web hosting company. We recently increased our prices due to our growing feature scale, but our customers keep on being satisfied. Do you want to know how we did it? BitNinja helps you not only in your fight against botnets, hackers and other malicious traffic. It can […]

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