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Release notes BitNinja Agent v2.6.4 Bug - Update

On 3 Dec 2019, we released a new agent version (2.6.4) to fix the cert update bug in the SSL Terminating module, but unfortunately, some dependencies caused serious issues (kernel panic, redirection problems) on some CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 servers. It affected only 2% of the BitNinja protected servers because it occurred only in […]

Trending Troubleshooting - Manually or Automated?

Time is a limited resource for all IT teams. They must be quick, effective and focused on the right goals. However, when the house is burning - let’s say hackers infected your servers, often you have to throw your projects away and start fire fighting to prevent further damage. But are you? Shouldn’t a server […]

Trending Server Security Checklist – How to maintain the security of your server?

We are convinced that almost all server owners have to struggle with the maintenance of their server, which is not always as easy and transparent as we would assume.  Our treasured servers are vulnerable, sensitive and exposed to many many types of attacks, exploits or malfunctions. That is why we have to take care of […]

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