News Welcoming Ease and Clarity: Unveiling Our Updated Linux Malware Scanner Dashboard

Here at BitNinja, we are all about optimizing your experience to ensure seamless interaction with our services. We are excited to share our updated Linux malware scanner dashboard, a result of meticulous and professional iteration processes. This improvement is built on profound UX expertise, comprehensive session analyses, and insightful user interviews. Our proactive approach shows […]

Other Evolving Anti-Malware Module

We won’t stop until we have caught all of the malware around the world. With this in mind, we made some developments again in the Anti-Malware Module. Let’s see what has changed! Refreshed Anti-Malware Section on the Console It is now much easier to start a Malware Scan. Just go to the Anti-Malware section on […]

Other The Most Common Types of Cyberattacks #2 - Malware

Malware is the family name for some of the all-time most dangerous internet threats. Several types of malware are still widespread today. From the early 1960s, malware has evolved and diversified to perform all kinds of nefarious acts. Attackers may use malware to steal your sensitive information (with a Trojan), access your accounts, or encrypt […]

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