Data-driven Defense: How Our Spam Detection Module Stops Spam at the Source

In our previous article, we delved into the mechanics of our innovative spam detection module. With security as our utmost priority, our team has been continually tweaking and enhancing the module to maintain its effectiveness. Today, we are excited to share some key statistics to provide an overview of the system's performance since its inception and to outline the exciting new directions we are headed in.

By the Numbers: Performance Since Launch

Since the start of this initiative, our system has scanned more than an astounding 160 million emails. 

We have observed both spikes and plateaus in the number of emails scanned over time. Most notably, over the last three weeks, we have consistently processed between 4.5 to 4.7 million emails per week. 

The Current State of Affairs: Looking at the Last Three Weeks

Our system has stabilized in its performance, consistently scanning the mentioned amount of emails weekly over the last three weeks. This level of throughput has allowed us to successfully filter out a significant amount of spam, thereby enhancing the security posture of our users.

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Future Plans: Scaling and Diversification

The current throughput is a good start, but we have bigger ambitions. We are in the process of incorporating more servers into our architecture to boost our scanning capabilities further.

As of now, the spam detection system is based on logs from the EXIM mail server. Our next move is to integrate Postfix logs into our scanning algorithm. This will not only diversify our data sources but also enhance our system’s ability to identify complex spam patterns that might go undetected otherwise.


The numbers speak for themselves; our spam detection module has been a robust line of defense in email security. With planned expansions and upgrades, we are committed to ensuring that our system remains at the forefront of spam detection technology.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve our services to bring you the most secure and efficient email experience possible.

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